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Empire Magazine have declared this week all about X-Men: Days of Future Past. Kicking things off with their reveal of 25 character covers, including our first look at the newest Sentinel, Mark X, Empire is slowing sharing more and more tantalizing bits from the most epic X-Men movie ever. Today they’ve released four new photos, like the one of Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) above. (more…)


My understanding is what we’ve got here is the same footage as what was screened in Hall H for FOX’s panel at SDCC, at least part of it. This very short clip, which appeared on YouTube earlier today only to be promptly pulled by FOX’s lawyers, then later uploaded to a more dubious video hosting site, is the very beginning of the footage screened at Comic Con.

Give the blurry, bald head of Charles Xavier a click in order to view the footage. Do it now! Before it’s taken down again! [Note: only click play, don’t bother installing whatever crap they try and trick you into.]


adan canto

It’s about time for some more news from the X-Men: Days of Future Past front, and this time it has to do with yet another casting addition.  They’ve already got about 100 people lined up to play mutants it seems, but one more guy will be coming along for the ride, actor Adan Canto of The Following.

While at a hockey game in Montreal (where the movie will be filming), director Bryan Singer tweeted this picture:

xmen jerseys

Of course, the real question is who will Canto be playing?  The only clue we have thus far is a tweet that Canto sent out a few weeks back.  When asked about his upcoming projects, he replied:

I might turn into a ball of fire if someone pisses me off.

Based on Canto’s smooth Latino handsomeness, the money so far is on him jumping into the shoes of Sunspot.  Any body else out there have any better guesses?


Thanks to BleedingCool for the heads-up.