With over $700 million in the bank, you’d think that The Avengers was a hit with just about everyone. Not so. One group is not pleased with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes for a throwaway gag one its members says in the course of the film.

The group in question is America’s adoptees.

If you seen The Avengers, then you already know where this is going. In one scene, Bruce Banner is talking smack about Loki’s mental capacity, to which Thor remarks that Loki’s still an Asgardian and deserves, at least, a degree of respect. When Black Widow mentions that Loki’s “killed 80 people in two days,” Thor retorts, “He’s adopted.”

The crowd laughs, but not all of them. America’s adopted kids are mad as hell, and they’ve started a  petition to demand an apology from Disney:

“Sooo..according to your scriptwriter, the fact [Loki] was adopted is the reason he is a bad guy!

Being adopted is NOT something to use for the butt of jokes! Marvel, immediately cease using adoption as the butt of jokes AND issue a public apology to the adoption community!”

Really? A petition? Sigh. Of course when something’s really, really successful everyone tries to latch their cause or issue on it. I’m guessing the orphans of America are just trying to make some noise for their orphan agenda…

Source: Blastr

He may have no ears or a nose and is a dead ringer to he who shall not be named; Lord Voldermort, but is this cat any really different compared to his film double? Lord Voldermort is a bigger pussy, he can’t even kill a kid, he needs his litter to do that for him. This cat lost its ears and nose to skin cancer and may resemble his magic capable twin but he still has a heart of gold. Known by many as Charlie, he’s original owners abandoned him and he is now up for adoption.

My other wand’s a ball of string