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Let’s call it as we see it: the Sharknado film franchise, currently filming its fourth movie in the series, ain’t the greatest cinema in the world.  But it knows what it is: entertaining, ridiculous schlock.  And because it makes no assertions of being good – and makes no apologies for being bad – you know exactly what you’re getting when you sit down to view it.  And for that, people appreciate it; people watch it; people enjoy it.  Now, the fin-fueled storm system has broken out of its celluloid format and “crossed over” with a comic series that is itself delightfully random and surreal: Archie Andrews and his crew from Riverdale.


Yes to Archie Movie, But No to Zombies


Recent news that an Archies movie was in development, and that it was based on the comic book Afterlife with Archie, which pitted Riverdale’s resident ginger against a legion of the walking dead, set the internet on fire. Too bad it’s not meant to be. Afterlife with Archie author and Glee writer and producer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa is clarifying the nature of the Archie movie he’s helping to develop, and for those hoping for blood, gore and dismembered limbs (hopefully Reggie’s), it looks like Aguirre-Sacasa is working on something a little more straightforward.

Aguirre-Sacasa discussed the project recently with the Los Angeles Times’ Hero Complex blog. It looks like we’re talking about a straight-up Archie movie, but at least Aguirre-Sacasa seems to know his stuff in regards to all things Archie. Here the writer talks about his own expectations, and which specific characters he’d like to squeeze into the film:

“The movie and this series are completely separate entities…Jon [Goldwater] and I have been talking about the movie for a while now — in fact, now that I’m remembering that breakfast where we first discussed ‘Afterlife With Archie,’ it was at a breakfast meeting for the ‘Archie’ movie, which is going to be a straight-up teen movie. It’s Archie’s coming-of-age story. Hopefully, it will be the ‘Archie’ movie people have been anticipating for 70-plus years. And here’s a tidbit: Expect to see fan-favorites Cheryl Blossom and Kevin Keller in it, in very prominent ways.”

In case you don’t know, Kevin Keller is Archie’s first openly gay character. Cheryl Blossom, meanwhile, is the red-haired temptress that tried to snake Archie from both Betty and Veronica. So Aguirre-Sacasa knows his Archies, but can the man make these characters relevant for a 21st century movie audience without zombies? He seems to think that thematically the path has been sewn with his work in Afterlife with Archie:

“Of course there’s an element about staying relevant — reflecting the world, reflecting current pop-culture… telling fresh, compelling stories that shake up the status-quo. I don’t want to speak for Jon [Goldwater], but it seems like his philosophy is to constantly be pushing forward, into new realms. Stagnation = death. And not the good, zombie-dead dead.”

Archie has proven surprisingly spry in comic book form always adapting to the times, so I have no doubt a compelling and modern movie adaptation of Archie could be made with the right combination of talent in front of, and behind the camera. Still, I wouldn’t mind seeing a movie version of Afterlife with Archie someday, and assuming they can get the rights, maybe someone could get to work on a movie version of this Archie comic too:


Just a thought.

Source: The Mary Sue