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Today the entirety of Star Wars: The Clone Wars becomes available through Netflix’s Instant Streaming service. Along with the five seasons that aired on Cartoon Network between 2008 and 2013, there are also 13 previously unaired episodes – referred to as “The Lost Missions” – that serve as the conclusion to the celebrated animated series. For now, anyway. (more…)

If you’re a veteran internet time-waster the website, Cracked.com is an old, dear friend. Their countless amusing lists, 6 Bizzarelly Moments from the Mario Universe, 8 Things to Try if You Get Trapped in a Time Loop and 8 Famous Movies Made by the Last Person You’d Ever Suspect to name a few, are the most engrossing articles of useless knowledge you’ll ever spend hours digesting. Turns out their videos are freakin’ hilarious and super informative as well. Let’s take the latest After Hours discussion featured, Why Star Wars is Secretly Terrifying for Women. After Hours is a web series featuring Daniel O’Brien, Katie Willert, Soren Bowie and Michael Swaim. They gather at Pat & Lorraines in Los Angeles to discuss all sorts of vital pop culture issues like Which Ninja Turles Are You? Life Most Important Question or How Breakfast Cereal Mascots Brainwashed You. These are import discussions worth having, don’t forget.

Back to their most recent episode, Why Star Wars is Secretly Terrifying to Women. Watch it below and then join me after the jump for some analysis from this slightly disenchanted female Star Wars fan.