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It’s been long confirmed that Supes will be facing off against General Zod (or at least a baddie more or less based off Zod) in Zack Snyder’s upcoming Man Of Steel, but now we’re hearing chatter from Ain’t It Cool News that the Last Son of Krypton will also be introduced to his long time nemesis, Lex Luthor.

The assumption seems to be that Luthor will appear in a small, secondary role–establishing himself as a Superman foe to be further explored in Man Of Steel’s most likely inevitable sequel.

Screenwriter David S. Goyer was quoted at /Film saying:

“I don’t think anyone has ever confirmed that we haven’t included him.”

Goyer has also hinted that a second classic Superman villain WILL make an appearance in the film, and since then the rumor mill has been running overtime.

According to the AICN report, relative unknown Mackenzie Gray, who appeared as a Luthor clone on Smallville, will be playing an “ambitious, ego driven and cold version of Luthor”, and he will feature prominently in the film’s finale.

Gray even discusses acting in Man Of Steel in the clip below, starting at approximately 1:10

Obviously, Gray is undisputably IN Man Of Steel, but the precise nature of his role has yet to be determined…and some suspect that this rumor is little more than a calculated piece of self-promotion on Harry Knowles’ part, as he was recently the subject of a THR piece, and apparently is hurting – both in finances and relevance.

As always, time will tell, and we’ll continue to bring you updates as new information becomes available.

Man Of Steel is due to open nationwide on June 14th, 2013.

Source: /Film



Ever since the news of more Star Wars films broke we’ve all wondered about the possibility of stand alone, or spinoff features. A Han Solo flick , for instance, has been an especially popular one. But today, Ain’t It Cool News has the exclusive scoop it’s Yoda starring in the first spinoff, non-saga, Star Wars film. Harry Knowles reports,

To start with they’re going to focus on established characters and do solo films, no, not necessarily Han Solo films, but well, fuck it…   The first Stand Alone film is going to center upon Yoda… I’m wildly curious for more details on the YODA film – would this be a young or old YODA tale?

A film centering on Yoda opens plenty of opportunity. We could see his beginning, the early years on wherever the hell he’s from. Or, his years as a young Jedi, maybe his first padawan. Something other than his years spent on Dagobah.

Bleeding Cool adds they had learned of a list of possible characters for stand alone films, and Yoda was on it. So were Jabba, Boba Fett, Chewbacca, and Darth Maul, and if you’ll notice, each of these characters can easily avoid featuring the original actor. Which kind of has me worried about the odds we’ll see Frank Oz’s involvement in a Yoda feature. And I’m sure we can definitely count out a return to puppet-Yoda, it’ll of course be CGI-Yoda. Though I’m curious is there’s a possibility we’ll see them utilize some version of motion capture technology.

Are you surprised they’d choose to explore a Yoda story before anyone else? What’s the likely hood this film would be a theatrical release? Think we’ll see this before or after Episode VII?

I’ve watched every piece of John Carter footage with a healthy amount of skepticism. I haven’t seen much evidence of a gripping, action adventure story that will hold my interest, even though most of the visual effects look spectacular. Let’s just say no trailer or sneak peak has really wowed me. So of course I’m pleasantly surprised to hear early reviews are giving the movie some positive buzz. I want the movie to be good, I’m just not convinced it will be.

One of the first reviews comes from The John Carter Files. Theirs is a really in depth review so here’s a quick sample,

Movie was really excellent and well worth watching. The audience reacted positively to the entire thing. All around me were pleasantly surprised, as most, like me, hadn’t even heard of the film. Many people took a long time to fill out their surveys and felt a responsibility to accurately convey their opinions. I felt the audience was emotionally engaged. we were rooting for JC all the way. We wanted him to marry the princess. we wanted her to love him. I would definitely recommend it.

Okay, so it’s not the most elegant review but they obviously enjoyed themselves. Which is all one’s really looking for in this kind of flick, right?

Next comes from Ayelet Waldman, though I would like to point out she’s married to one of the screenwriters so her opinion might be biased. These are just a few quotes from Twitter, where she was raving about the film after a screening at Pixar,

Just saw John Carter. It was AWESOME. Seriously. Best action movie I’ve seen … maybe ever? Lush and gorgeous. Great love story. FAB!!!! The thing about #johncarter is that the female lead is smart, & kicks ASS. It’s so female friendly!

Okay, female friendly. Obviously I like how that sounds, but being the jaded, science fiction fan I am, I really hope this female lead doesn’t come off as a token. But still, I want to try and think positively. Maybe if the film had been called Princess of Mars, which is the title of Edgar Rice Burroughs first book in the series, but anyway, I digress. I’m glad to hear the princess kicks ass.

This last bit of positive early buzz is from Ain’t It Cool News‘ Nick Soapdish. He hasn’t seen the whole film but he was given the chance to see quite a few scenes, and you can read his descriptions of each at their site. Here’s his overall opinion,

So all in all, the Film looks great. Much better then I was expecting. I have two reservations. The first is Disney’s track record with live action films of late, especially Sci-fi. Admittedly, John Carter is just as much a Fantasy film as it is Sci-Fi. But I am worried it will end up like Tron Legacy. A great film that doesn’t do as well at the box office as it deserves. The fact there has been no merchandise and poor promotion thus far means I am worried it to will not do so well.

The second is the claims of copying other films. The book is about 100 years old and nearly every sci-fi film has drawn inspiration from (or stolen) themes and ideas from these stories and like I mentioned in my review of the last clip that when people see that scene they will think Star Wars. I hope that audiences are able to realise that John Carter was the original, and is not trying to copy other famous sci-fi films.

John Carter, under the Direction of Pixar’s Andrew Stanton, could be a big Disney franchise, something that it could really do with. The planned John Carter to be a trilogy and the success of this first film will determine the future of the series. I hope it finds its audience and I for one will definitely be there opening weekend to see the final film.

Are you excited for John Carter? Was it something you saw or read recently that got you interested?

John Carter hits theatres on March 9th.

Source: /Film

Get ready to live vicariously (and jealously) through some other lucky nerd. Quint of Ain’t It Cool News recently went on a trip to New Zealand to do what? Duh, visit the set of The Hobbit, which I believe is easily the number one thing to do in New Zealand. Peter Jackson production =  instant tourism. Quint has returned with an abundance of exclusive set photos as well as a bunch of spoilers wrapped up as neat, tidy scene descriptions.

If you are at all excited about The Hobbit, and aren’t afraid to see a little of the movie behind the magic, then you must go to AICN for Quint’s entire report. For now, why not enjoy this completely copy ‘n’ pasted sample of set photos with accompanying description,

Sir Ian is there and is delivering some lines for this wide shot, giving Tall Paul his cues to wave an arm or shoot a look back over his shoulder to the dwarves and giving the other actors in the scene the real Gandalf to react to.

Gandalf (affectionately referred to as “Gandy” by the crew) is essentially shouting orders to the dwarves to search the area, in a way acting like a parent chaperoning a school field trip, trying to keep everybody on task. Sir Ian came in for the next set up, which was closer. With the incline of the slope and various dips and valleys to the landscape they were able to get Sir Ian and the dwarves into the same shot without using doubles.

It is Bilbo who finds the entrance to the troll cave, which was a giant rock set out at a sharp angle over the forest floor. A set had been constructed a good 100 feet away, but Peter didn’t like it, so they used this natural spot for the mouth of the cave. There was talk that there might be a new interior set constructed back in Wellington for reverse shots. 

Amongst the stash of treasure and weapons taken from poor dwarves, elves, orcs and men captured and eaten by these trolls is a tiny elvish blade, barely bigger than a dagger for a regular man, but just the right size for a Hobbit. 

Unless I’m misremembering Fellowship, Peter Jackson filmed Gandalf handing Sting over to Bilbo to mirror Bilbo giving Frodo the sword in LOTR. In other words, he makes a moment out of it. With the beautiful green forest in the background (cave entrance), Martin reluctantly receives the sword, pulling it slowly out of its sheath.

Thorin gets Orcrist here as well, which you can see him wield in his promo picture by the way. Orcrist is a long, flat blade and they filmed a scene of Richard Armitage swinging it down in a wide arc striking down a leaping evil thing to be added in digitally before all is said and done.

Kili uses a bow and arrow and the rest of the team have their own different weapons, like Graham McTavish’s Dwalin wields two axes and William Kircher’s Bifur more often than not uses stabbing weapons like spears. There’s also single axes, clubs and even cooking spoons as in the case of the fattest of the dwarves, Bombur (Stephen Hunter), who I’m convinced was modeled after Harry.

Gandalf and Radagast share a scene as well. Sylvester McCoy plays Radagast the Brown, a somewhat kooky wizard who is more at home with animals, insects and flora than he is with people.

Based on what I’ve seen over the last few weeks I think it’s going to be a toss up between Bombur and Radagast on who will steal the movie. Bombur is just so loveable and funny and Radagast is ridiculously endearing, an absent-minded St. Francis of Assisi.

Radagast comes with a word of warning that foreshadows some trouble our group will run into later. The words “Mirkwood,” “webs,” “Ungoliant” and “Dol Guldur” are mentioned. 

Due to the complexity of shooting a group of different sized races they had to do an effects shot in this location. As Radagast arrives and talks with Gandalf the dwarves look on, distrusting this newly arrived individual. Bilbo is there as well and is obviously taken aback by this weird man (even once pulling an Office and looking at the camera with wide eyes, head slightly shaking… how cool is that?).

As you can see in the picture above he’s mostly being used as Gandalf’s stand in and it’s pretty eerie just how much he looks like Sir Ian when in full Gandalf getup. There are some shots from the side where all you can see is beard, hat and nose and that’s enough to make your brain register Gandalf, even in person.

Paul has worked closely with Sir Ian to make sure his Gandalf moves in much the same way as Sir Ian’s.

Before playing Wizards, Tall Paul was, believe it or not, a cop.

Source: Geek Tyrant


I’m sure your mouth is literally watering for some moving pictures from The Hobbit. Sorry, that’s not what we have here. What we’ve got here is a video of Elijah Wood telling you the trailer for, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (which is the first half of entire Hobbit tale) will be attached to The Adventures of Tin Tin.

So, yeah, woot! We’ve got that going for us. ‘Tis the season for highly anticipated trailers.

Tin Tin releases December 21, 2011.

Source: Comic Book Movie

An epic journey across the ocean, sets the premise for our next wonderful bit of nerdy news surrounding the most anticipated prequel to hit the big screen “The Hobbit”. This tidbit of news is part of  Ain’t it Cool News‘  weekly column on all things Tolkien, and on this week’s  adventures in New Zealand we get to see all the behind the scenes photos and some excerpted highlights of adventures on the set.

The first exciting siting  in the movie was none other than… Frodo Baggins!

“Ain’t it Cool News” reporter states:

“The crew was setting up a crane out on the narrow walkway in front of Bag End for their first shot actually in Hobbiton in over 10 years. Because of the narrow and steep path down, the crew had to bring crane parts down and assemble much of it there. It took a little while, but before too long the familiar circular green front door of Bag End cracked open and out stepped an even more familiar face.

Munching on jellied toast, Frodo Baggins sauntered out and hopped down the steps leading to the mailbox, grabbed some mail and headed back inside.What’s Frodo doing in The Hobbit? I don’t want to spoil too much, but I can say that Frodo is part of the connecting tissue between The Hobbit and Fellowship of the Ring.”



If Other Movies Were Tron-ified

Tron Alien

Tron is a movie that signified the changing of the guard for movie making – using computer to create effects. Most movies, from romantic comedies to horror use digital animation or effects to make the movie ‘better’ (depending on the movie, that is up for debate).

With the upcoming sequel of Tron Legacy, it is understandable that people are really excited to head back into that world.

The website Ain’t It Cool News decided to host a competition in celebration, by having people “tron-itize” scenes from their favorite movies in order to win a seat the the annual Butt-Numb-A-Thon (a 24 hour marathon of movies in Austin, Texas).

And, I must admit, some of them are pretty epic!

Without further ado, here are the top five: