Al Pacino


Now that the important yet drawn out and tedious task of casting the titular character in Doctor Strange has been resolved – Another round of applause for Benedict Cumberbatch everyone!!! – we get to the real meat of the casting conundrum: who will play The Ancient One. Okay, so that may not be the most talked about bit of casting in the process seeing as how the man that teaches Strange all about his magical, mystical powers doesn’t exactly play a huge part in the story, but in the Marvel U there are no small parts, only small actors. To prove that old theater axiom, it’s been leaked that there are three very strong frontrunners to play The Ancient One. (more…)


Al Pacino is sitting by the phone patiently waiting for Marvel to call. Well, not really, but he would take their call if it happens. He took his kids to see James Gunn‘s  Guardians of the Galaxy and it blew him away. He says he’s ready to take the Marvel leap and join the ranks of Anthony Hopkins, Robert Redford, Tommy Lee Jones, Jeff Bridges, Glenn Close, and Michael Douglas, but what role should he play? (more…)

This Criminal Wants To Be In A Marvel Movie


When you’re a success, everybody loves you. Everything you touch is gold. Even when you do something wrong, folks blow it off and give you a high five. Every now and again, you’ll even run into that shadowy guy who remembers you from kindergarten, but acts like you’re best buds. You don’t even always know these people, but you go with it because it’s nice to be on top for once. That’s how it is for Marvel Studios right now. A little over a decade ago, they were in danger of closing shop and their only friends were nerds and film companies wanting to leech off them. Now, they’re the hottest thing in town, and everyone wants to ride their gravy train. Take this degenerate, for instance. He says he’d like to be in superhero movies. What makes him think he should be a movie star? Actually, he already is one… (more…)


As fans of the television show Buffy The Vampire Slayer know, in every television show, video game or movie, there must be a “big bad.” Some nemesis that is so powerful and so outweighs the characters, that you simply must watch/read/play to find out how good can triumph.

Frankly, and I’m sure I am not the only one, but good tends to win a hell of a lot more than evil.  And there is only one bad guy who is the biggest and the baddest.  He is the ruler of the underworld – Satan.

So, this top ten list will be devoted to depictions of Satan in movies, television shows, and video games. The beauty of these lists are that they are subjective. My #1 may not be yours, so feel free to chime in through the comments section below and let me know what your list would be.

Let’s start the countdown, shall we?