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In a move that reminds one of that Fall 2012 afternoon when it was announced that the Walt Disney Company was buying Lucasfilm and that a new Star Wars movie was just a few years away, comes the news that a new Indiana Jones movie is now just a few years away. After much speculation about reboots and recasting (Bradley Cooper and Chris Pratt were both mentioned), Disney today has dropped the news that a fifth Indiana Jones movie will be released in the summer of 2019, starring Harrison Ford, and directed by Steven Spielberg! Put on the hat, grab the whip, and get ready for the best news you’ll hear all day! (more…)

While filming for Captain America: Civil War is almost done, a “civil war” has been going on within the offices of Marvel Studios. However, that may have all come to a conclusion that fans can get behind. According to the latest reports, it seem that Kevin Feige has won more control over at Marvel Studios due to some behind the scenes restructuring. Thanks to the restructuring, Feige now reports directly to Disney chief, Alan horn, rather than Ike Perlmutter, the current CEO of Marvel Studios. (more…)

Is There ‘Star Wars’ News on the Horizon?


This story is going to feel like a meta take on Internet News reporting as a whole. Even the title of this article (which essentially reads “Is Star Wars News Coming Soon?”) feels like I’m sort of messing with your head and playing on the whole “Articles of Anticipation” phenomenon that has taken over Entertainment Reporting.

But no, this is a real story my darling Wookies, as it appears that we’re about to get some major bombs dropped on us from Disney and Lucasfilm. With “Star Wars Day” (May 4) less than a week away, and Star Wars News already clogging feeds everywhere, the timing couldn’t seem more right. The official Twitter account has been promoting the “holiday” for weeks, previews for Star Wars Rebels are airing, and every single rumor regarding J.J. Abrams’ new installment has been reported with painstaking detail. Now it seems that key members of the original cast (namely Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill) have all gathered in London. What announcement doth await us in the near future?


star wars vii

It looks like a little more Star Wars: Episode VII news has come down from the official sources that live on Disney Mountain. This time we have an interview with the chairman of Disney Studios, Alan Horn. In a recent talk with Bloomberg TV, he had a few things to say about the new franchise installment, including the casting, shooting locations, budgeting estimates, potential release date changes and George Lucas’ continued involvement with the Star Wars franchise. Read on for all the details. (more…)


When people said “He is risen” last weekend, they could have met the box office returns for Captain America: The Winter Soldier, as the Mighty Marvel Movie passed the $200 million point domestically, and the $500 million point globally. That’s the kind of box office you can take to the bank, the money bank! It should also please Disney and make them more secure in their decision to release Captain America 3 on May 6, 2016, the same weekend as the Man of Steel sequel, Batman Vs Superman. But is that the case? Might there be signs that in the first, big, box office face-off in 2016, the first one to blink might be Disney? There are rumblings…. (more…)

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It’s been a while since we’ve heard some solid news about the new Star Wars flick. The real information gets mixed in with all the damned rumors so we never quite know what’s actually going on. But now, there’s some really-real news from an actual Disney guy! Check out the video below to hear Disney chairman Alan Horn talking a bit about the state of Episode VII. (more…)