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DC Confirms: Alan Scott is Gay

DC Comics’ big news announcing the they were making gay a “major” character in the New 52 has been somewhat muted by the fact that the character in question is Golden Age Green Lantern, Alan Scott. The USA Today is officially reporting today that Scott is the “major” character that DC is making gay in the new series Earth 2, a fact which is already known and has been dissected by fans, including our own Bastardcast.

“He’s going to be the leader of the team, this dynamic hero, he’ll do anything to save people, the bravest man on the planet. Why not just make him gay as well?” Earth 2 writer James Robinson told USA Today.

“What I really want to do with this character is make the fact that he’s gay to be a part of who he is and not to be the one identifying aspect of him,” Robinson adds. “And have his humor and his bravery be as much or more a part of him as his sexuality.”

I don’t think anyone’s going to have a problem diversifying the superhero line-up with a gay character, but is this such a huge leap forward as Robinson and the DC staff are playing at? Really, when they said “huge character,” I thought they meant Green Lantern, not Alan Scott Green Lantern. And really, does anyone outside of the comic book collecting community appreciate the difference between the various Green Lanterns – Hal Jordan, John Stewart, Guy Gardner, Kyle Rayner, and Alan Scott. Oh, and as Earth 2‘s name implies, it takes place in another universe and is not part of the main DCU, so there’s that little piece of trivia in the face of this being a “shake-up.”

I think we all applaud the effort and the ideal, but this announcement seems to be all hat and no cat, as they say.

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And DC’s New Gay Character Will Be…

Alan Scott, the original Green Lantern. It’s really no surprise as he does fit the bill of iconic as well as a character I don’t feel people will be up in arms over being reintroduced as a gay man. Well, of course that’s not true. I’m sure someone will have a problem with the first Green Lantern being gay, but who cares what a bunch of bigots think? I want to know what you think, sound off below!

Bleeding Cool has the confirmation and I think it’s pretty darn reliable. It was confirmed at the recent Phoenix Comic Con and while we could still be wrong, all signs are pointing to Alan Scott. His first appearance in the New 52 will be in Earth 2 #2 after appearing in Earth 2 #1 very briefly. Here’s a look at his newest design by Joe Prado,

What do ya think, ye bastards?

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