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There’s a scene in one episode of Community where Abed is analyzing a fight amongst the study group in the meta-contextual way only he can. As Abed explains the situation, as he sees it, Jeff cuts in infuriated and says, “Why do you have to take everything that happens to us, and shove it up its own ass?” (Or words to that effect.) That thought came to mind while watching Terminator: Genisys, the third attempt by directors who are not James Cameron, to find a way to continue a story that James Cameron so thoroughly and soundly concluded at the end of Terminator 2: Judgement Day. To its credit, Genisys does it better than either of the previous attempts, but it also proves that the idea is a fool’s errand. (more…)


So we’ve been burned twice in the attempt to reboot Terminator without James Cameron and turn it into an epic trilogy filled with trills, chills and spills, all to make some mad bills at the box office. Now Terminator 3 had its moments, and Terminator Salvation had potential until they wussed out on the ending, but can there truly be a satisfying chapter of this series without the man whose vision started it all? That’s the question that Terminator Genisys will try to answer, and from the looks of it, the movie is pulling out all the time travel stops with paradoxes and retconning – TO THE MAX! But now there’s a new twist provided in the latest trailer. Which you can or cannot watch for yourself below. (more…)


I may be in the minority here, but I am looking forward to seeing Terminator: Genisys this summer. We may have been burned twice before with James Cameron-less sequels to The Terminator, but I will say there’s potential here by going the nu-Trek route and rebooting the franchise with time travel. Plus, certain respect must be paid to Alan Taylor, who as a director definitely has a better track record than either Jonathan Mostow or McG (either before or since their Terminator outings). Speaking of Terminator, we’ve been given our first look at the new look for the T-800, in its skeletal form, for Genisys. (more…)


There’s been a trend in big franchise film making that’s been developing the last few years. Instead of the traditional release of a film followed by a sequel driven by box office results, now producers and directors are filming multiple films in sequence. Often beginning the next film before post production has completed on the first movie. Some are no brainers, The Hunger Games second, third and fourth films never really had a break in production between filming. Certainly nothing like the three or five year breaks between sequels of the past. The latest to jump on this band wagon is the Terminator franchise with Paramount Pictures setting the premiere dates for the next two sequels. (more…)


We thought it would never happen. But we were wrong. After months of speculation, weird rumors, weirder casting, and other bumps along the way, the fifth Terminator movie, Terminator: Genesis, began shooting yesterday with an eye not just on a summer 2015 release date, but to be successful enough to kick off a whole new trilogy of films. There’s a lot invested in the project, not just in terms of literal money, but in terms of this being a huge franchise that could make vast sums of money in a way that has yet to be exploited. (more…)


It’s a rare position for a young, up-and-coming actor to find themselves in, but Dayo Okeniyi has been in a tug of war between competing franchise reboot movies. Yes, young Okeniyi was being pursued not just by J.J. Abrams for Star Wars Episode VII, but by Alan Taylor of Terminator: Genesis. Both films are the latest attempt to keep their indomitable and historic franchises relevant, and both are due in theaters in 2015, but only will feature Okeniyi in a main role, and that’s Terminator: Genesis(more…)


Meanwhile, from the movies-no-one-asked-for file comes new comments from actor Arnold Schwarzenegger in regards to the latest attempt to reboot a franchise, Terminator: Genesis. The movie, which is slated to begin shooting sometime late next month under the direction of Alan Taylor, has apparently got the man who the first Terminator made a star very excited about the opportunity, and why not, because he probably made a bundle for pledging to return to the franchise even before a single draft of screenplay had been written. Should we take Arnold’s comments to the bank, or will he be one of the few to cash a check on this? Read on… (more…)