If you’re a fan of booze then you’re going to love this. If you’re a fan of booze and Pokemon then prepare to level up people.

The art of mixology and the pocket monster Nintendo game have finally joined together in drunken matrimony thanks to the gang at The Drunken Moogle. Their new series of drinks are based off the original Pokemon characters, not those fancy new ones that Nintendo keeps blowing out their ass these days.

“A lot of thought and work has gone into these cocktails to insure that color was not the only similarity between the drink and what they represent. The Bulbasaur trio is plant based, so plant ingredients like mint, melon and lime were used.  The Squirtle trio of drinks is based off of the classic “hurricane” cocktail. The Charmander trio is very fired themed, using Fireball cinnamon whiskey, scotch for a smoky aftertaste, and a touch of Bacardi 151 to light aflame.”

The side effects of drinking too many of these are still the same however, no matter what your level is. One evolves to two, two evolves to ten and ten evolves to waking up chained to some random encounter’s bed. Remember to be of age and drink responsibly trainers.

Hit the jump for shots of the Squirtle/Wartortle/Blastoise and Bulbasaur/Ivysaur/Venusaur cocktails, as well as the links to the ingredients lists/instructions at The Drunken Moogle.

OK, I’m not as big of an Anime fan as I used to be. Many of these newer series suck righteous balls, but Neon Genesis Evangelion has held a special place in my nerdy little heart. Packed with action, drama and more teen angst then an episode of Gossip Girl, it’s been able to hold it’s own as a timeless series in Japanese animation. The products associated with it however are another story. With over 6000 different products with the series stamped on it, some can get pretty pricey. But, that’s nothing to those willing to spend a bit more for their collection.

Limited to only 333 bottles, these  750ml bottles will set you back a more then a pretty penny. Labeled as “Evangelion Sparkling” each bottle of wine will set you back only a mere $600 but hey it’s only booze right? Wrong.

Say it’s your birthday (if not, just go with it) and your friends know your a huge Star Wars Nerd. You’ve collected everything that could be collected on our planet Earth, you even have the rare ultra large Chewbacca. What can your friends possibly do to give your bad Jedi self a proper birthday party with more booze then an Alderaan bar? How about getting ice and turning it into one kick ass Star Destroyer, that you can drink out of!

It’s a 2 meter wide exhaust port, filled with Goldschlager (more…)

The Greatest Drunks in Science Fiction


As the great man Homer Simpson once said, “Here’s to alcohol! The cause, and solution to, all of life’s problems.”

Despite all the scientific advances in science fiction, there are a few things that the human race wants/needs that will always stay the same – Power, Sex, and Alcohol.

The website iO9 has posted up a video compilation of the greatest drunks in all of science fiction, and some of their choices are rather interesting. While I do not agree with them all, there is no way that you can watch this video and not have a smile of your face because of the drunken antics displayed.

Can you name all the television shows and movies in the video below? Bonus points if you can name the episodes of the television series.

Sit back, pour yourself some synthehol (or the real stuff, if your teleporter is on the fritz), and watch the video below.



Alcohol can help make things seem better than they really are most of the time and when ya have the right buzz going on, your night is set (or ya can be just like me where you drink too much and vomit into the bath tub). Although there are thing we should NOT do while drinking, playing video games while drink with friends can result into some good times. The site, The Drunken Moogle, is where video game humor is posted, along with some alcoholic drink recopies and some video game merchandise that are in form of flasks, shot glass, etc. It even has drinking game rules for certain games to help enhance people’s fun. Check the site out and also check after the jump to see just some of the drink recipes that are listed from the site.  (more…)


Lately we got to see Batman go up against such awesomeness like a facing a shark with a lightsaber and go one on one with Darth Vader, but maybe, just maybe, he may have found his match. The fine folks made a video of Batman and Robin going up against The Riddler and his riddles. As Robin has somehow been proving to be useful, old Bats has something else in mind when answering the silly riddles. If there was one thing I did learn though at the end of this vid, no matter if your a regular joe or the Batman, we all love boobs.

Source: College Humor

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