Alec Baldwin


What, with all the news of Paul Feig‘s (BridesmaidsGhostbusters reboot, the planned Ghostbusters Spin-off starring Channing Tatum, Chris Pratt and a potential Ryan Gosling, and also the recent announcement that David Lynch’s Twin Peaks returning in Summer 2016 on Showtime, here’s another one been plucked straight out of the 80s nostalgia-vault for you. After nearly 27 years since Tim Burton directed Michael Keaton in the classic Oscar winning (Best Make-up) movie Beetlejuice, and after the long-gestating rumors that have been circulating the past few years of a sequel, Burton has confirmed that they are now closer than ever. (more…)


Quentin Tarantino is not only a man with strong opinions regarding movies, but he’s also a bit of a contrarion. Typically, whatever the popular opinion of a movie maybe, you can be guaranteed that Tarantino will take the less-popular point of view, and yes sports fans, QT has done it again by offering praise to The Lone Ranger while downplaying the cultural relevance of Batman. Oh no he didn’t? Yes, yes he did. (more…)


Well, it’s unofficial. Michael Keaton who has done a whole lot of nothing as of late, said, in a interview with, that he would do a sequel to the hit Beetlejuice in a heartbeat.

I think it’s because in the interest of going back in time, the makeup for his character would render “Keaton 1988” once more. Also, co-star Gina Davis says she’d also love to reprise her role but wonders if “Ghosts age?”  I guess her and the also aging Alec Baldwin would have to figure something out. She then said she’d straightaway get in touch with Tim Burton, but isn’t sure because he’s attached to the Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter as well as an apparent Adams Family reboot.

I’m totally down with a Beetlejuice 2, Winona Ryder has held together nicely, so get her on board too and you’ll have almost the whole cast!

2010 Oscars…And The Winner Is….


Live from the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin hosted the 82nd Academy Awards. But Neil Patrick Harris easily stole the spotlight with his opening number.And it was kinda nice to see those almost bare chicks dancing around him. Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin made their entrance from above the stage and graciously held each others’ hand as they made their way to the front of the stage. (more…)


Even though the wonderful display at last years Oscar ceremonies by Wolverine were well recieved and elegant, it appears Mr.Jackman will not be returning this year…So Step right up and see the men who wooooooooon the truth!! That’s right, we have a split decision, photo finish, this years Academy Awards will be presented by none other than Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin.  How could this come to such a pass, you might ask?…Well…I don’t know -BUT! With Baldwin hot off 30 Rock and SNL’s seasonal MVP its a sure hit with his SNL alum bud, Martin. Of whom by the way hosted the Oscars in 2000. His opening roast of the A-Listers front and center,  and hilarious rip on the newly minted Russell Crowe, was none too pleased… With his reaction being repeated, much to his chagrin, at the roar of the audience.

The chemistry between Baldwin and Martin was showcased in one of the FUNNIEST sketches ever devised on SNL, with them both in the Green Room and during a smug and mild conversation they repeat thwarted assassinations upon each other.

While no one can ever predict the numbers of viewers, this certainly can’t hurt it. Gentlemen, lets see what you can do with a 7 and a half hour live show!