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It’s getting close to that time. Star Wars Episode VII is expected to start shooting some time in the new year so we should start hearing genuine casting news anytime now. In the meantime though, we’ll settle for rumor, and Latino Review has got something compelling, obscure enough to seem plausible yet still kind of easy to write off.

The rumor is that Rachel Hurd-Wood and Alex Pettyfer are looking like strong possibilities for the lead roles in the new trilogy of films that will be shepherded by director J.J. Abrams. To reiterate, they are possibilities, not confirmed casting choices. They have auditioned for the parts, and they seem well liked, and that is all.

First up is Hurd-Wood, an English actress who played Wendy in the live-action Peter Pan from 2003 and went on to appear in the films Perfume: The Story of a Murderer and Soloman Kane. As per previous reports, the young female part is supposedly the main character, and according to Latino Review she’s the daughter of Han Solo and Princess Leia. As for Pettyfer, who’s a bit more well known for his appearances in I Am Number Four, Magic Mike, and the current number one movie in the country Lee Daniel’s The Butler, Latino Review says he looks likely for playing the new son of Skywalker, Luke that is.

Now here’s the part when I say all this is rumor, none of it’s confirmed, and we’ll only know for certain when formal casting announcements are made. Disclaimer over.

Source: /Film


When we last spoke about the ‘Preacher‘ live-action adaptation ( seen here) D.J. Caruso was tweeting that he was going to direct the Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon created comic book series. Well, that was back in February, he was still directing I Am Number 4 and he had to remain more tight-lipped then Arseface in church. Now that his newest film has been released internationally he’s been opening up  and chatting it up like crazy. During an interview with the French website CloneWeb to promote I Am Number 4 the talk shifted from teenage alien heroes to a man hunting for God himself.

For those of you who don’t know about Preacher,

Preacher tells the story of Texas reverend Jesse Custer who, after merging with the escaped offspring of a demon and an angel, find himself imbued with the word of God, the power to command anyone to do his bidding. Teamed with his ex girlfriend, Tulip O’Hare and an Irish vampire named Cassidy, Custer sets out across America to track down the almighty and force him to explain why he abandoned creation.

While casting hasn’t even begun, D.J. has been receiving a variety of messages from actors that want to be in this movie. You only ask to be in a movie if you’re desperate, or you think the film is gonna be huge, and with names like these asking it must be gigantic! He said Chris Pine wants to play Jesse, Shia LaBeouf wants to be Arseface (not far from anything he’s done) and Alex Pettyfer wants to play the Saint of Killers. In their sit down interview with CloneWeb the conversation shifts over to Preacher at about the 1:50 mark and continues, in it’s own little way, straight towards the end.

Rencontre avec D.J Caruso et Alex Pettyfer by cloneweb

Notice they said “Yesterday” when talking about Preacher, making this seem like they purposely  turned it over to focus on his new project. Caruso has passion for the Preacher series however and it shows in this interview, given how he explains his stance on he’d like to approach this new endeavour. As for the cast…….What do you think?

Via: /Film