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I’m still hoping for a screening of Batman: Year One at New York Comic Con this year, but I might just need to content myself with waiting for DVD/Blu-ray release on October 18th. You might note the 18th is the same day Batman: Arkham City releases, which leads me to pose the question can one day contain too much Batman? Of course, the answer is no, there can never be enough Batman, but how I will I manage to watch Year One and play enough Arkham City in one day! It’ll be tough, but I’ll manage. Even if I’m suffering from con crud and exhaustion post-NYCC.

With the release of Year One in less than two weeks, Warner Bros. Animation has released another tantalizing clip. In this one Batman takes on the GCPD, and he handles them easily enough. As can be expected.

No matter how many bullets they fire they can’t hit him, who are they, Stormtroopers?! Love him saving the cat, it’s a nice little touch, particularly when the rescued feline runs out to Selina. And what a badass taking out the bullet-ridden pillar with one kick. This film has the potential to be one of DC and Warner Bros.’ best.

If you can’t wait until Batman Day, the 18th, Year One will be available for download exclusively on iTunes, Xbox Live, Zune, VUDU HD Movies and Video Unlimited on the PlayStation Network & Sony Entertainment Network. Which I think I’ll be trying out and I reccomend it if you’ll be tied up with Arkham City for most of the 18th.

Batman: Year One is based on the landmark 1987 DC Comics titles from 12-time Eisner Award winner Frank Miller and illustrator David Mazzucchelli. The film depicts young Bruce Wayne’s return to Gotham City in his first attempts to fight injustice as a costumed vigilante. The playboy billionaire chooses the guise of a giant bat to combat crime, creates an early bond with a young Lieutenant James Gordon (who is already battling corruption from inside the police department), inadvertently plays a role in the birth of Catwoman, and helps to bring down a crooked political system that infests Gotham.

The movie starred the voices of Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad), Ben McKenzie (Southland, The O.C.), Eliza Dushku (Dollhouse, Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and Katee Sackhoff (Battlestar Galactica) and Alex Rocco (The Godfather) is the voice of crime lord Carmine Falcone.

Bruce Timm is executive producer of the film. Lauren Montgomery (Superman/Batman: Apocalypse) and Sam Liu (All-Star Superman) directed from a script penned by Academy Award nominee Tab Murphy (Gorillas in the Mist, Superman/Batman: Apocalypse).

Source: Geek Tyrant

Warner Bros. Animation and DC Entertainment are really hitting it out of the park with their animated features. Earlier this year they released the impressive adaptation of Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely’s All-Star Superman. Today is the release date for the new Green Lantern: Emerald Knights, an anthology involving different members of the famous corps. But their upcoming feature might be the most anticipated yet, Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli‘s Batman: Year One.

A young Bruce Wayne has spent his adolescence and early adulthood, traveling the world so he could hone his body and mind into the perfect fighting and investigative machine. But now as he returns to Gotham City, he must find a way to focus his passion and bring justice to his city. Retracing Batman’s first attempts to fight injustice as a costumed vigilante, we watch as he chooses a guise of a giant bat, creates an early bond with a young Lieutenant James Gordon, inadvertently plays a role in the birth of Catwoman, and helps to bring down a corrupt political system that infests Gotham.

Year One redefined the beginning of Batman an gave comic book fans a clear origin for the Dark Knight. It’s influence is even felt in Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins, heavily in fact. In Year One we also learn a lot about Gotham’s other famous faces, Jim Gordon for one is given plenty of screen time as this story is as much his origin as Batman’s.

The voice cast for this feature is outstanding. Batman: Year One stars Ben McKenzie as Batman/Bruce Wayne, Bryan Cranston as James Gordon (how freakin’ perfect is this!?), Eliza Dushku as Selina Kyle/Catwoman, Katee Sackhoff as Sarah Essen and Alex Rocco as Carmine Falcone. Seriously, Bryan Cranston is the best Gordon casting since Gary Oldman.

The worst part is waiting until later this summer for this to release. In the meantime watch this sneak peak, behind the scenes featurette with interview with the cast, Dan Didio and Bruce Timm (all bow before the DC Animation god).

Hopefully soon we’ll see some fully animated footage from the movie, until then, what do you think?

source: GeekTyrant