ALF was a sci-fi comedy series starring a puppet alien named ALF (Alien Life Form) that premiered in 1986. For years people have referenced the show, used the title character as an easter egg, and its become a strange icon of pop culture. There’s an emphasis on strange because a lot of people know of it, but few really know what it is. Surely this writer didn’t.

This week, Warner Brothers Television announced a reboot of the series. The new ALF is currently in development. It’s been discussed that the new ALF might follow the alien leaving Area 51 (where fans last left him) and interacting with the new world around him.


Prepare yourself, world, for the fuzzy alien menace of the late 80s is back and coming to a big screen near you.  Sony Pictures Animation has just closed the deal on acquiring the rights to pop-icon puppet ALF and is looking to start production on a feature film.

It’s been nearly 25 years since the cat-eating alien left the airwaves after a very successful run.  Since then he has been reappearing in bit parts all over the place.  His creator, Paul Fusco has been instrumental in ALF’s continued (if mostly unnoticed) presence in Hollywood.  He’s been pushing for a movie since before the series ended and it looks like he has finally achieved victory.

The ALF film is going to be put together by the same folks who did the Smurfs movie and is said to be a combination of live-action and CGI.  Whether ALF will remain a puppet or not remains to be seen, but I’m guessing they’ll opt for the digital on that one.  If you’re not a Muppet, people don’t want to see your flapping, non-expressive mouth.  The voice of ALF will remain the same at least, with Fusco set to take up where he left off.

Me, I’m pretty nonplussed about the announcement.  Anyone out there actually excited for this one?


Thanks to The Hollywood Reporter for the info.

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This week on The BastardCast new hosts Jason Tabrys and Jeremy R! Hudson tell you how to hide your pussy from the ALF reboot, while also discussing why Rufio is high on fairy dust and happy thoughts, the secret evil plan to clone Ronald Reagan*. Our fair bastards also get in depth on Community sans Dan Harmon and Marvel and DC’s sudden willingness to put LGBT rights at the forefront. Also, a couple of Dirty Nerdy Confessions from the boys about the shire and why one of them refuses Britney Spears’ plea to “Hit me baby one more time”.

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For those of you who slept through the late 80s (or happened to be unborn at the time), ALF was a major player in the television circuit.  He was a wise-cracking, cat eating puppet that lived with a family in typical sitcom style, making their lives difficult while entertaining a marginally-conscious television viewing audience.

This obnoxious little alien spent 5 years on the air in both live-action and cartoon format, his face and form gracing everything from t-shirts to lunchboxes.  Later, he would pop up randomly all over the place, making guest appearances on other people’s shows.  But eventually the gimmicky steam would run out, despite how many times creator Paul Fusco tried to recycle it.

It’s been over 20 years since the original show left the television and Fusco has been attempting to re-sell the character for years.  Now it looks like he’s giving it one more try, though this time setting his sights on the big screen.

With the current trend in reboots, it’s likely that Fusco may finally have some success in the matter.  Production companies will recycle pretty much anything nowadays, and ALF could be a ripe property to draw in both fans of old and wide-eyed children of the present (not to mention furries world-wide).

The question is, was ALF all gimmick and no substance?  And does that even matter when you’re looking to make a reboot?

What about you kids out there?  You remember the ALF from way back?  Is it worth giving the character another go?


Thanks to hollywoodreporter for the info.

The 10 Cutest Creatures of Sci-Fi


Editors Note: We were supposed to have a new ‘List’ for you today but after an all nighter full or drinking and watching a marathon of “Golden Girls” (Betty White is so hot!) we plum forgot. While we sober up, please enjoy a list from our vault. It’s one of our favorites.

The majority of Sci-Fi/Fantasy films feature, for the most part the ugliest of uglies in the creature department. What with the Aliens, the Predators and the Linda Hamilton’s (ugly as fuck in both T1, T2 and that Beauty and the Beast T.V. show). However on rare occasion one will encounter, in often glorious fashion a cute, cuddly and friendly creature that makes you go “Awww I want one” or on some cases want to share a brewski with.

You know Em’, you love Em’ here are the top 10 cutest creatures of Sci-Fi.