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The jury’s still out on whether fans should get excited about this new Batman project or ready themselves for a disappointment on par with “Batdance,” but when it comes to the Caped Crusader, it’s pretty hard to screw up Alfred. Really, just cast an older British dude and your job’s half done. So on that level, congratulations Gotham producers, you’ve won this round. Scan below to see the first publicity picture of actor Sean Pertwee as (future) Batman’s most trusted ally. (more…)


Being as the shows are on separate networks let’s not expect CW’s Arrow and FOX‘s Gotham to ever intermingle, but that won’t stop DC and Warner Bros. from continuing to dominate the television superhero gig. Over the weekend it was announced Ben McKenzie snagged the starring role of Jim Gordon for FOX’s new crime drama. Now four more roles have been cast, and some are extremely noteworthy. (more…)

Fans of DC Cmics, more importantly the Batman mythos, will know the back story behind faithful Wayne Manor associate and Bruce Wayne’s pseudo-father figure, Alfred Pennyworth. Besides dealing out words advice to Bruce, the butler was at one time – depending on the storyline, writer, etc – a variation of a spy, retired actor and intelligence agent.

Sounds awesome, too bad we never saw Christopher Nolan use any of that in his Dark Knight trilogy – kind of. While Alfred’s background was alluded to with his connection to the special forces in The Dark Kight Rises only bits and pieces were fully realized, which is kind of a bummer when you think about it. With sixty-nine years of information to pull from, all we get is a story about watching the world burn? Makes you wish there was more to it.

But this didn’t stop Michael Caine from building a complex backstory for the butler. He discussed the history while doing press for The Dark Knight Rises DVD and Blu-ray release. Jump ahead to the 1:05 mark for Caine’s take on the man behind the suit and tie.

June’s begun, and the season of super hero movies is upon us. Two super hero movies are opening in June, X-Men: First Class on June 3rd and Green Lantern on June 17th. After them, on July 22nd will be  Captain America. Pull out your tights, capes and cowls, it’s time for a super hero movies news roundup.

First, let’s begin with the critical darling of the comic book movies, X-Men First Class. Two more clips have been released, because apparently you still need convincing why this movie is gonna rock. These two clips focus on Banshee and his super sonic scream. The first shows him training and the second using his scream as sonar to locate a submarine.

Using you sonic scream to attain flight is a neat trick, but what I can’t wait to see is Magneto lifting that sub out of the water. In X3 it was badass when Magneto moved an entire bridge, but lifting a sub out of the ocean, whoa.

source: GeekTyrant

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