Alien: Covenant

When it was announced that Ridley Scott was returning back to the film that made him a household name, and perfectly merged sci-fi and horror together into something original, fans were very excited. After all, Alien was a cult classic, it was terrifying, gave us a great female hero, and oh yeah, it was terrifying. Fast forward 33 years, we got the Alien prequel Prometheus, which gave us a semi-origin to how everything started (or so we thought), going in a different direction and concentrated on the supposed creators of the Xenomorph, the Engineers. Although it was divisive, Prometheus was successful, earning more than $400 million worldwide. So, it’s no surprise that Scott would make a sequel to the prequel: Alien: Covenant.


Adult Swim pulled a fast one on fans when they ‘leaked’ the first episode for Rick and Morty’s third season as a reverse April Fool’s gag, but fans have been eagerly awaiting more of the hit show. Adult Swim has granted us all a reprieve from the disturbingly long wait for more content and it came in the form of a surprise tie-in with the release of Alien: Covenant. While that film isn’t receiving the greatest reviews right now, it fits perfectly into a universe that sees a brilliantly deranged alcoholic scientist who travels the cosmos getting into wacky adventures.  (more…)

At 79, Ridley Scott’s (The MartianThe Counselor, Gladiator, Blade Runner) talents as a visual stylist remain undiminished. For scale, scope, and spectacle, few filmmakers can match Scott’s eye for composition or world building, but give Scott a poor, middling, or underdeveloped script and the result looks a lot like Prometheus five years ago: A promising set-up, a shedload’s worth of ideas, and purposely obtuse, underwhelming execution that left most films of the Alien franchise ready to chuck Scott and his collaborators out of the nearest airlock. But in the “Age of the Franchise,” no studio, let alone Fox, would let a potentially lucrative property like Alien slip into suspended animation. In hindsight, they should have (a) given the franchise a break and maybe even start over (i.e., a full-on Alien reboot) and/or (b) politely asked Scott to serve as a producer in name only and give creative control of the franchise to someone, anyone with fresh, novel ideas.



Alien: Covenant will be in a theatre near you one week from tonight, and for all those disappointed by more than two decades of lacklustre xenomorph action, the hopes and dreams (or dread and nightmares) of fans everywhere go with director Ridley Scott and his cast and crew to deliver a truly great Alien movie once more. To tide you over, the film has released a new clip online with a very familiar set-up. Some hapless humans find a bunch of weird looking eggs, they hear the squeaking and scampering of something inhuman, and then… They take it in the face! (more…)

Ridley Scott recently sat down with Allocine to answer fan questions about Alien: Covenant and the franchise as a whole where he quickly shot down any hopes of a Ripley return in Neill Blomkamp‘s Alien 5. That means that Covenant and its sequel will be the only Alien franchise titles in development. He went on to tell everyone how far along Alien 5 was in development. (more…)

In the Alien series, there’s just as much admiration for the xenomorphs as there is fear. For some people, they admire the perfection of species, a creature that is the most excellent killing machine, intelligent, adaptable and insatiable in its apparent blood lust for other organisms. It’s enough to make you wonder where they came from, and how they evolved? Most Alien characters seem unconcerned with origins of the xenomorphs in the face of, you know, running for their lives, but it looks like Ridley Scott is finally going to go there in Alien: Covenant. Warning for the spoiler averse though because a pretty major reveal is discussed below. (more…)

With Alien: Covenant, the sequel to Prometheus, ready to hit theaters in May, director Ridley Scott is already talking about making another. And not just a trilogy, he’s in this for the long haul. The Alien franchise already has (officially) seven films, including Prometheus, so Covenant would be the eighth film. In a recent interview with the Sydney Morning Herald, Ridley declared that the script for the next Alien film was already written and that they were planning on starting to shoot in 2018.  (more…)

Note to self: if you land on an alien planet, and you find a field of wheat there, get the eff out immediately! That, I’m sure, is one of several pointed messages that will come out of the release of Alien: Covenant, the latest entry in the Alien saga, and the latest film from director Ridley Scott. In advance of its cinema debut this weekend with 20th Century Fox‘s new blockbuster, Logan, the new trailer for the film has been released online, and in case it wasn’t already clear, this new trailer assures that there’s going to be lots of xenomorph action as compared to Scott’s last ride in the Alien universe. (more…)

It has been half a decade since the world was treated to a new film from the Aliens franchise and fans are eagerly awaiting the return of the fearsome Xenomorph. Alien: Covenant has been in the works for a while and while some details have been leaked, not much is coming out regarding the story. Thankfully, 20th Century Fox released a 4-minute promotional clip introducing the crew that will be in the film (don’t worry, we will link to it after the bump). This release confirms the appearance of several highly anticipated actors and actresses but doesn’t supply much information about the plot. That being said, this is a major leak of epic proportions the nerd community can rejoice over.


‘Alien: Covenant’ Releases Cast Photo

For some reason, the first thought of the morning was “What if Gilligan found a crashed alien spaceship on the island and got face-hugged?” Who wouldn’t watch the heck out of that episode? The good money is on Mary Ann to be the sole survivor. In other Alien news, director Ridley Scott‘s Alien Covenant production has released a cast photo which you can check out below. (more…)