Alternate ending

Iron Man 3

Of course, films rarely go from script to screen with absolutely no changes to plot, or character, or dialogue, and Iron Man 3 is no exception. In advance of the DVD/Blu-ray release of the film, several alternative takes of the film’s grand finale at the docks have been posted online. The work by storyboard artist Federico D’Alessandro shows some subtle differences between what was planned and what the finished film turned out to be.

Amongst the changes, an all-new, all-different ending for The Mandarin played by Ben Kingsley. Now I know what Shane Black did with The Mandarin in the film was, uh, contentious to say the least. I was fine with it, but the “new ending” for The Mandarin seems kind of silly to me, which is maybe why it was cut. Anyway, there may be spoilers in the video clips below if you haven’t yet seen Iron Man 3, so you’ve been warned appropriately.

Here’s the alternative ending for The Mandarin:

Expanded Rhodey Role in Finale:

Final Fight, Tony Vs Killian:

Source: /Film

How It Should Have Ended has just recently done a bit on Steven Spielberg’s 1975 movie… Dun da dun da… Dun da dun da… Jaws.

Watch their hilarious alternate ending below! Perhaps it wouldn’t be considered one of the greatest movies of all time with this ending, but it definitely would’ve saved about 40 minutes of filming and possibly also spared the world from those fuckin’ sequels.

I like to swim naked too!

Source: How It Should Have Ended