Alternate Endings

By now everyone and their mother has seen the death of Jon Bernthal – not his real death (that would be morbid), but the death of his character, Shane, on AMC‘s The Walking Dead. Having a much more developed and refined character than his comic book counter-part, the television version of Shane lasted well into the second season.

He became the bastard of the series that fans loved to hate. So seeing Rick stab him in the gut and Carl shoot his undead form had everyone both cheering and sobbing (for once, people were glad Carl wasn’t in the house). However, at this past weekend’s Phoenix Comic-Con, the former Walking Dead star revealed a much more intense lead up and ending to his character.

Here’s the footage, courtesy of Nerd Repository, showing Bernthal’s side of how he wanted it all to go down.

I would have killed to see this ending. Shame is, if Frank Darabont were still around at the time of filming, we very well could have seen this kind ending: an exposed and desperate Shane on his last leg.

Source: Geek Tyrant

How Saw Should Have Ended

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The series of Saw movies have been a rather interesting experience to watch.

Don’t get me wrong, the first movie BLEW ME AWAY. I did not see the surprise ending coming (which doesn’t happen to me a lot), and it totally changed my perspective when I re-watched the movie. However, the newest addition to the Saw franchise (to be released next Friday), is entitled Saw 3D, the seventh movie in the series.

Honestly, it has become a tad tiresome. But, with the upcoming movie being the (hopeful) final movie in the series … I have hope that it will be just as good as the original.

But, what if the ending of Saw played out differently? What if the the events did not unfold the way they did in the movie?

As always, decided to show us. Check out below for how Saw should have ended and prevented all the silly sequels.