Amanda Connor

Last week we shared a preview of Darwyn Cooke‘s Minutemen, the first series released in the Before Watchmen line. The artwork looked great but it wasn’t until I read the book did I realize how good that prequel story is going to be. Honestly, the first issue of Minutemen is worth it for The Silhouette’s short vignette alone. It’s so good I have to wonder why isn’t she getting her own comic?

For the next series released in Before Watchmen it’s Cooke’s turn to shine again, but not with his artwork. Cooke’s behind the story of Silk Spectre #1, dropping tomorrow, and it features the stunning artwork of Amanda Connor. Probably best known for drawing a Power Girl who was both busty and badass, Connor is a great choice to re-imagine the Silk Spectre. Just like Cooke’s retro, pulp style suits the Minutemen, Connor completely understands how to portray Silk Spectre as sexy but not overtly. (Consider it the antithesis to that recent Catwoman cover.)

Check out the five page preview below and let us know what you thought of Minutemen #1 and if you’re planning to snag Silk Spectre #1, too!

Source: L.A. Times’ Hero Complex

This beautiful, and I stress, BEAUTIFUL new piece from Darwyn Cooke features the Minutemen in all their nostalgic, 40s-looking pulp glory. The exclusive art was revealed along with Fast Company’s interview with Alan Moore, which was weird ’cause can you imagine him having anything nice to say about the Before Watchmen prequel series?

The interview is worth checking out. Whether you agree with Moore or not you’ve got to admit he always has something interesting to say. I particularly like this quote, in where he explains everything that’s wrong with pop culture today,

There’s been a growing dissatisfaction and distrust with the conventional publishing industry, in that you tend to have a lot of formerly reputable imprints now owned by big conglomerates. As a result, there’s a growing number of professional writers now going to small presses, self-publishing, or trying other kinds of [distribution] strategies. The same is true of music and cinema. It seems that every movie is a remake of something that was better when it was first released in a foreign language, as a 1960s TV show, or even as a comic book. Now you’ve got theme park rides as the source material of movies. The only things left are breakfast cereal mascots. In our lifetime, we will see Johnny Depp playing Captain Crunch.

He’s got a point.

But I still think the Watchmen prequels are a perfectly fine idea. DC Comics own the characters and keeping them fresh in fans’ minds is the best way for the entire series to profit; including Moore’s original epic which I bet we’ll see go up in sales with Before Watchmen‘s release.

How could you deny talent like Cooke’s from working on these characters!? His style is PERFECT for a series about the Minutemen. And as if I wasn’t already pumped for both his work  on this series and Silk Spectre with Amanda Connor, this artwork has me drooling.

What do you think of Cooke’s take on the Minutemen?

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