Amber Heard


Before you think that shooting on Justice League is through, think again. While the in-studio portion of principal photography seems to be over, there’s now location shooting before the cameras, and you know what that means: spy pics! There’s no bigger paparazzi draw than a major Hollywood production out in the open, except maybe an actress that’s just gone through a high-profile ugly divorce, and Justice League is, unfortunately, a two-fer in that regard. So as the production is shooting in Iceland, Warner Bros. beat the spoiler crowd to the punch by revealing Amber Heard as Mera in all her Queen of the Seven Seas glory.  (more…)


With just over two years to go until the July 27, 2018 premiere date, DC‘s Aquaman is currently shooting under director James Wan (Saw, The Conjuring). Recently some on set pictures have surfaced thanks to Kyle Jones aka Nighthawkj2 which features Jason Momoa in full Aquaman gear in a water tank that should get those Aquaman fan juices flowing. Wan has promised that Aquaman will not be too serious, but more fun while still showing the bad-ass side of the King of the Seas. Take a look. (more…)


With Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice about to open in theaters in a little over two months, Zack Snyder will then turn to his next phase of the DC Comics Cinematic Universe’s development, the two-part Justice League movie. Of course, a lot of that hard casting work is already done for him with Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, Ezra Miller and Jason Mamoa already set to move on from Dawn of Justice to Justice League, but what about all the supporting characters for those heroes? Well, Superman’s got his Lois Lane in Amy Adams, Wonder Woman’s got her Steve Trevor in Chris Pine, and in the case of Aquaman, it’s starting to look like he’s got his Mera in the person of Amber Heard. (more…)

Red Sonja

Red Sonja; the femme fatale of skimpy chain mail and swords, has been in movie development hell for the last couple of years. Back when these rumors first started it was Rose McGowan set to star and Robert Rodriguez producing, that’s not the case now. When one door closes another opens and while Rose and Robert are no longer attached to the project it does mean that new faces need to fill the place. Their version of Red Sonja may be buried 6 feet under but that doesn’t mean another can rise up from the earth and cut off a few heads. Producer Avi Lerner spoke to Empire and revealed that Red Sonja is alive and kicking and he has a director lined up and an actress in mind for the role of the red-haired warrior.

Here is what he had to say:

“We will definitely shoot ‘Red Sonja’ in between Conan and Conan 2.  We already chose the director: an English guy called Simon West,”

While the original Red Sonja was played Brigitte Nielsen in the 1985 Red Sonja, this reboot needs someone…I don’t know, less terrifying. Brigitte still looks awesome for her age but with all these remakes underway the most she might do is a cameo in relation to the new star Amber Heard (Zombieland).

“We’re talking to a few girls for the role of Sonja, but we just finished a movie called Drive Angry 3D with Amber Heard, and I want to see her. She’s my favourite for the role.” said Simon West

Going from being cast as 409 to Red Sonya of Rogatino, that’s like finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow and getting a free drink on the side.

Bah, West hasn’t done anything good since ‘Con-Air’. This doesn’t not please me. Amber Heard on the other hand, I’d fap to her decked out in red hair.

source: Empire