amy poehler

Imagine being in that first meeting for Inside Out, a tale about what goes on inside the head of a young woman on the cusp of puberty as represented by a complex technical infrastructure and five characters based five unique emotional states. The whole thing sounds like a psychology text re-edited to be read by children, and perhaps even just as difficult to market. But having said that, this is Pixar, and they’re not your average animation studio. Still, such ambition seems like an odd choice for the studio to put its renewed creative effort behind to rebound after a three movie slump that made people ask if Pixar had lost its mojo? Naturally, by aiming so high, it seems that Pixar, through the wonderfulness of Inside Out, has got its groove back. (more…)


After 25 years of waiting, Ghostbusters fans are going to get a brand new Ghostbusters movie. We’ve been teased and had promises made before. Sometimes it was hard to keep up with where Bill Murray stood concerning another Ghostbusters sequel, one day he was on Letterman saying he was ready and the next he would appear in an interview saying there was no way any sequel with him involved would happen. Dan Aykroyd was the one we could always count on, perhaps TOO MUCH, to say that a sequel was in the works or a script was being written, only to see those hopes dashed as Murray would poo-poo it or financing would never materialize. With the loss of Harold Ramis last year, a lot of us Ghostbusters fans resigned ourselves to the fact that we’d never see a Ghostbusters sequel and allowed ourselves the outside hope that one day someone would reboot the series. Now it seems that we’ve gotten our wish, but will you still feel the same when you hear the details? (more…)