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Halloween is right around the corner, and with it comes an annual offering of frightful films.  Along with the recently released Green Inferno, this year promises frights for kids with this weekend’s Goosebumps, frights for lovers with Guillermo Del Toro’s Crimson Peak, and frights for those who can stand the shaky-cam with the latest (and final?) entry in the Paranormal Activity franchise, Ghost Dimension.  Hell, for those that just want to be tortured for 90 minutes, there’s even the new Jem movie coming next week, which will have theaters pulling double duty as torture chambers during the two weeks the guaranteed flop is in wide release.  Yes, October is the perfect time of year for Hollywood to unleash the terror and, this year, a new film maker has been added to the list of “Purveyors of Horror”: the wonderful Karen Gillan. (more…)


We’re into the final stretch, Doctor Who returns with the second half of its seventh season in less than 24 hours! How have you been holding up? Did you enjoy our Doctor Who fan art compilation? What did you think of The Eleven Best Episodes From The Eleventh Doctor, Part 1? Well, we hope you liked them, we did it all for you. We’re even running a contest where you could win a Doctor Who Companion Prize Pack!

The first part of our best episodes list covered Season 5, Matt Smith‘s first season, and what I still consider to be one of the finest seasons of Doctor Who, ever. From here on out the picks for our will be pulled from Seasons 6 and 7A, which I’ll admit are a trickier bunch to choose from. It was only a matter of time before the Moffat Era of Who would begin hitting a few bumps along the way. But that’s not to suggest there aren’t some simply spectacular episodes of Doctor Who yet to come! Hit the jump for more of the Eleventh Doctor’s best episodes. Come along, Ponds!


Each and every week we scour the Internet for nothing but the best in nerdy art. We leave no digital stone unturned, we poke and prod every nook and cranny of the Interwebz. Why? Because we love you, and we love to bring you weekly feed of nerd art. On with the dump!

Above: A tribute to the classic Little Golden Books of a youth! Illustrator Rosemary Travale has created a Little Tolkien Book. Turning the The Hobbit into a series of children’s books, Rosemary did what many thought was impossible -making Martin Freeman even more adorable. [The Mary Sue]

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It’s less than a week left before Doctor Who season 7 premieres and the BBC has seen fit to give a bit of a tease to help alleviate some of the cravings we’re all having.  It’s called Pond Life and it’s a series of five short web-vids that detail some of the goings-on of Amy and Rory while the Doctor is off playing solo.

Meant to lead in to the new season and (possibly) sketch out some of why Amy and Rory are having “marital problems”, the first less-than-a-minute-long episode is now available for people to view.

And, coincidently, we happen to have it right here:

The second episode will be showing up tomorrow and they keep going, one per day, until Saturday, September 1st when the season kicks off.

And in other news…

Steven Moffat was talking a bit (as he is prone to do) about where he might want to take the show in the future.  Matt Smith has already voiced his intention to stick around through 2014, but only time will tell how long it takes for Smith to kick the bucket and a new Doctor rise from the ashes of the old.  And this time around, Moffat may be looking at picking up a female Doctor.

About this particular subject, the executive producer had this to say:

It is a part of Time Lord lore that it can happen. Who knows, the more often it is talked about the more likely it is to happen some day.

Some preliminary rumors put actress Lara Pulver (Sherlock, True Blood) as a possibility, though it’s obviously still a long way from making a decision on the matter.

Personally, I’ve been waiting for them to take a chance with a female Doctor.  It would add a whole new element to the show that I think is important.  The only thing as important, of course, would be that she’s a ginger, so Moffat could kill two birds with one stone.  Ultimately, however, it would be up to the fans and Moffat is likely chatting about it to gauge fans’ reactions to the possibility of a lady flying the T.A.R.D.I.S. around through time and space.

So what do the NerdReaders think?  Female Doctor good?


Thanks to both io9 and blastr for the heads-up on these.

We all know that Amy and Rory Pond, The Doctor’s faithful companions these last few years, are taking their curtain call in the seventh series of Doctor Who this fall, but it seems that showrunner Steven Moffat is changing the details of Amy and Rory’s last ride in the TARDIS in the season’s fifth episode.

Already understood to be a “heartbreaking” finale, Moffat told Digital Spy that he had a second thought as to how it was heartbreaking while writing it. “I completely changed the ending as I was writing it, thinking ‘No, I’ve got it wrong… I’m on the wrong emphasis’ – but it’s a good one and it’s properly emotional,” he said.

But how did the actors feel about it?

“I instantly phoned Matt [when I read the episode] and I was crying and laughing hysterically,” said Amy Pond portrayer Karen Gillan, “because it’s so good!”

Arthur Darvill, AKA: Rory Williams-Pond, added, ”It was like getting the last chapter of the best book you’ve ever read and being really surprised by the ending… and really satisfied. It was pretty emotional.”

As for The Doctor himself, Matt Smith, he says, ”I was very moved, very moved indeed, because not only is it two characters that I love, it’s two actors that I love working with. To see them go – and I think go so beautifully… it’s moving.”

Anxious Who fans can’t wait to see how moving. Or maybe we can…

Source: The Mary Sue

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With the new season seven trailer set to be released tomorrow there’s plenty of buzz around Doctor Who‘s return this fall with “Asylum of the Daleks.” In addition to that new trailer we’re expecting BBC to release a handful of new promotional photos and it appears one of them leaked early.

This is your last warning before I unleash this insane image on your unprepared retinas.

Are you ready? How about to make sure you click the jump to read on.


Good news for attendees of the MediaGuardian Edinburgh International Television Festival at the end of August because they’ll be among the first to see the season 7 premiere of Doctor Who, “Asylum of the Daleks.” Written by showrunner Steven Moffat, the episode is said to feature “every Dalek ever” and if it doesn’t live up to the tease than Moffat will be on hand after the screening to receive criticism (or maybe praise).

Of course, Moffat is doubling down on praise, and he has this follow-on tease for all y’all:

“The Daleks are coming back and they’re worse than ever. Just you wait until you see what they’re going to do.”

To double down on Moffat’s double down, Who executive producer Caroline Skinner told BBC’s official Doctor Who Website the following:

“This is an epic Dalek adventure that kicks off the new series in explosive style! If you think you know all there is to know about the Daleks, think again…  [The episode will feature] every kind of Dalek ever faced by the Time Lord – including the legendary Special Weapons Dalek.”

Now my relationship with Doctor Who doesn’t exactly go back all 50 years, so I’m not sure what it means that there’s a legendary “Special Weapons Dalek,” but on the other hand that’s definitely something you want to have in your back pocket when you’re in a place called the “Asylum of the Daleks.”

For other series 7 spoilers, or at least the ones that have been pieced together so far, Screenrant has the complete breakdown:

  • This season will consist of 14 episodes split between Autumn 2012 and Spring 2013.
  • The second episode of this season – partly set in ancient Egypt – will feature Queen Nefertiti  and Mark Williams (Arthur Weasley in the Harry Potter films) as Rory’s dad.
  • The third episode will have a “Wild West” theme.
  • Episode five will partially be set in Manhattan and feature the return of the Weeping Angels and River Song (YES!), plus the “final” departure of Amy and Rory (NO!).
  • The series will break until Christmas.
  • The Christmas special will written by Moffat and feature the debut of The Doctor’s new companion played by Jenna-Louise Coleman. The new companion will be very different from previous companions and is “going to be a shock.
  • The remaining episodes will air in spring 2013 and will contain the big 50th anniversary episode, which is still very hush-hush but is said to feature many familiar faces.
  • UNIT and the Ood will both appear this season.
  • Moffat has created new villains that he says are his “scariest yet.”
  • Confirmed  guest stars include David Gyasi, Rupert Graves, David Bradley, Riann Steele (as Queen Nefertiti) in Episode 2, Ben Browder, Adrian Scarborough, Garrick Hagon, Steven Berkoff, Ruthie Henshall, Jemma Redgrave, Michael McShan, Dougray Scott, Jessica Raine, David Warner, and Liam Cunningham.
  • Moffat also teased: “If we did a UNIT story, would Martha [the Tenth Doctor’s second companion] be there?”

Stay tuned for more Who news in the coming weeks. Especially with Comic Con coming up.

Source: Screenrant

If you had the opportunity to take something from the TARDIS, what would you choose?

Karen Gillan, who plays the companion Amy Pond in the longest running British sci-fi TV series, Doctor Who, tells us what she took after having filmed her last episode recently.  The Ponds (because that’s totally the way it works) will be leaving the show in the 5th episode of the upcoming 7th series, and Gillan just had to come out of it with a little gift from the TARDIS.

She spoke with the Daily Record at the Cannes Film Festival, talking about her last day on set:

It was a weird, serene day where everyone was feeling it. We don’t film in chronological order so the last shot we filmed was me, Matt and Arthur going into the TARDIS. Then Matt closed the door for the last time and we were in darkness. We hugged and started crying. It was kind of tears of happiness. It was a feeling of ‘Look at what we’ve done’. It was lovely.

Apparently she isn’t allowed to keep any bits and pieces from her costume because that stuff ends up going into exhibitions and stuff, but she did make it away with something.

I didn’t get to keep any Pond stuff because everything related to Doctor Who goes into exhibitions. […] But I might have taken a little special something from the TARDIS. A pair of binoculars. They look really weird in my house, just sitting there.

Me? I’d use it to go back a few years and steal David Tennant and… Oh, you know.

Source: blastr

We’ve been getting a lot of spy photos from the in-production seventh season of Doctor Who – from the coast of Spain to the streets of New York – but these may the most ominous yet. Hit back on your browser now if you do not want to be spoiled because these pictures, from the Who set in Wales, bare some really ominous undertones.














So yes, these pictures feature The Doctor (Matt Smith), Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) and River Song (Alex Kingston) at a graveyard, and Mr Pond, Rory (Arthur Darvill), is nowhere to be seen. What is going on?! Snoop through these pics courtesy of a paparazzo from The Daily Mail (more pictures are over at The Sun) to see for yourself.

Are you now scared for Rory? Or has his constant, repeated deaths been laying the groundwork for this all along?

Source: Bleeding Cool