Amy Schumer


In a completely unexpected but bold movie development move, it was announced that Amy Schumer will be starring in and co-writing a new live-action Barbie film, with the comedian said to play the titular character; based on the classic American doll from Mattel. While the films premise – a contemporary spin having Barbie realize she no longer fits within the idealistic Barbieland – makes for an interesting take, it’s the casting of Schumer that has gotten a lot of backlash. This blowback, all having to do with Schumer’s looks, or rather lack thereof, in comparison to the tall/skinny and impossibly beautiful standards that Barbie is known for.  The Internet can be quite cruel.

Schumer has responded to this vitriol, with a self-affirming statement that would make SNL’s former Stuart Smalley (the Daily Affirmation sketch) jealous.  (more…)


GQ chose Amy Schumer for their annual Comedy Issue which featured a photo layout of Schumer mixed into the Star Wars Universe. It was a hot post last week, with a lot of mixed reactions from fans. Disney came out later with a Twitter statement labeling the photo shoot as an inappropriate use of their characters that they: didn’t approve, participate in, or condone. GQ also asked Schumer to design her own GQ cover shot and include her own cover lines for the articles inside her comedic imaginary GQ cover issue. (more…)


Every few years there is a new female comedian who’s star power rises above all others. Where Sarah Silverman was once the top of the crop, it is now Amy Schumer who’s getting all the attention lately. She has really come to mainstream attention with a successful stand-up show and her TV series, Inside Amy Schumer. Now her turn in Judd Apatow’s latest flick Trainwreck has her positioned to be a mega star.

How is any of that nerd related? Well, it isn’t. However, its what Schumer did in her shoot for an upcoming issue of GQ Magazine that has awakened the force. The shoot features Schumer dressed as Princess Leia, hanging out with Chewie, Artoo and Threepio, dancing with Stormtroopers, and… well, doing things with a ligtsaber. The interview with the mag is not out until Monday, but you can check out the rest of the NSFW shots below.  (more…)