So Sony just announced the successor to the PSP but there was no announcement about the Playstation phone. Well, prior to the announcement of the NGP, Sony revealed the Playstation Suite, which does have something to do with phones.

Basically, Playstation Suite is a service that brings Playstation content to other devices and at the press meeting, it was all about the Android (Android 2.3 or beyond). That’s right folks, you’ll soon be able to play Playstation games on your Android smartphones and tablets. As of now, they have only announced PSOne games, such as Cool Boarders 2 and Syphon Filter to be playable as well as future original Playstation games. All this will be available once the Playstation Store shows up on the Android market. Also, the Playstation Suite service will also be on the NGP.

Any of you Android users excited about this news as finally you’ll be playing games that aren’t just stuff from the iPhone or is this just Sony trying to get more money. If there’s one thing to be said, this could be a step towards the Playstation phone possibly coming out later this year.

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Nerd Cake: Angry Birds

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Yes, we need more levels. Yes, we’ve wasted 896+ hours on this damn game. And no, we don’t want to see it turned into a cartoon series. But dammit, we’ll still take an Angry Birds birthday cake! Even the vegetarians among our staff agree that these birds are worth devouring. Check out a couple of pics below, and head to for more of the peanut butter and chocolate goodness!



Smartphones are everywhere these days, from seeing them at work, to people checking them at bars/parties, at school and even at home! They are a vital technology for many people, and yet, there is animosity between them.

Different smartphone users dislike other smartphone companies, and the individuals that use them.

Here is a real world situation that I have seen:
Guy – Check out pictures of my kids!
*Pulls out Blackberry*
Girl – Ohh, how cute! Want to see a video of mine?
*Pulls out iPhone*
Guy – Does yours have Blackberry messenger?
Girl – There’s an App for that
Guy – Mine’s cheaper!
Girl – Mine’s an Apple product, and therefore better!
Guy – Well … mine has a keyboard!
Girl – There’s an APP FOR THAT!
Guy – Stop saying that!!!
Girl – Make me!

It only got worse from there … so, the hatred is clear. But what has been somewhat murky, is why.

The folks at Geekologie have thankfully provided a nifty diagram showing what Android, Blackberry and iPhone users think of themselves and others.