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There are so many actors connected to Joss Whedon, but not many are so indelibly associated with his work as Amy Acker. From Angel to Dollhouse to Much Ado About Nothing, she seems more or less to be on Whedon’s speed dial. These days however, Acker is just as well known for playing Root, a hacker without much morality changing her ways as the human face of an all-knowing artificial intelligence on Person of Interest. On stage at Fan Expo though, Acker reminded one more of her Angel role Winifred Burkle – shy, reserved and a little bit silly. (more…)


What’s this?! Angel? Wasn’t that character introduced in X-Men: The Last Stand played by Ben Foster? Who cares?! I guess we’re retconning that thing right out of existence now because thanks to some production act released by director Bryan Singer, it looks like Warren Worthington III is going to popping up 80s style in the upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse. The art work is the latest reveal concerning the next X-film which begins shooting in Montreal next month, but it also has some interesting implications on the franchise and some interesting references back to the comic book. From the looks of things in the art work, matters aren’t looking too good for Angel, but if you know the comic books, that doesn’t mean it can’t get worse… (more…)


J. August Richards, best known to fans of The Great And Powerful Whedon as Charles Gunn: The streetwise vampire hunter turned brain-boosted lawyer on Angel, will be joining the cast of Marvel’s highly anticipated TV series S.H.I.E.L.D.

Richards exact role, and whether it will be recurring or just for the pilot, has yet to be revealed. All that is known is he will appear in the series opener in what TVLine describes as a “Super Top Secret Role”. was the first to break the story…and apparently felt the need to include a note from the editor assuring readers that the news was not an April Fool’s Day prank (and a weak jest it would have been at that: Nothing on the level of Lady Gaga playing Dazzler in the new X-Men flick).

The S.H.I.E.L.D. pilot is already in the can, and we expect to hear that ABC has picked up the series any time now. The show is tentatively scheduled to begin airing this fall.



As nerds, we connect to fictional personalities in a way “normal” people often look at as oddly serious, if not downright creepy. I’m not saying we don’t understand the difference between fantasy and reality – I’m merely pointing out that many of us are creative, sensitive people. Well-crafted imaginary characters often resonate deeply with us, and their losses can be quite harrowing. While I’m sure there are a few folks out there who’d love to re-enact key scenes from Misery with, let’s say, Joss Whedon (I’m half convinced he’s only bringing back Agent Coulson for S.H.I.E.L.D so he can slaughter him in an even more traumatizing manner), most of us stick to bitching and moaning on the Internet, threatening to boycott the shows in question, and then coming back for more next week.

But however much outrage and despair they may inspire, character deaths are often some of the most memorable moments on television – and feature some of the best writing and performances as well. Sure, there’s no shortage of poorly thought out, bullshit deaths, but they’re for another list. Get out your hankies, my nerdy brethren and sistren, and prepare to have your hearts kicked in the balls all over again with The Top 10 Saddest, Most Gut Wrenching Deaths in Nerdy Television.

NOTE: As most of you will have assumed simply from the nature of this list, it features spoilers galore. If you haven’t seen one of the shows featured, and wish to feel the full emotional impact of seeing one of its characters snuff it, I advise you to skip the entry in question. Enjoy!


Charisma Carpenter and James Marsters, who played Cordelia and Spike in both Buffy The Vampire Slayer and its spin-off, Angel, will appear in a new episode of Supernatural.

The episode, titled “Shut Up, Dr. Phil”, will be the fifth episode of the much anticipated seventh season of the TV series (which premieres on September 23, 2011). Carpenter and Marsters will play a married couple in this episode. Those of you who have watched Buffy and/or Angel will definitely appreciate the irony in this. But it turns out that she’s a crazyass bitch (who is actually a witch) out seeking revenge on her husband for something or other. Until we learn otherwise, I’m going to assume that she caught him in bed with someone significantly less crazy than herself with real tits.

And then, of course, it’s up to Sam and Dean to save the day.

As the promotional machine for X-Men: First Class continues to chug along before it’s June 3rd release date one might think we’re going to see the whole flick in clip form before it opens. They’re referring to this new bit ‘o’ footage as a sneak peak, and why is beyond me. It should really read trailer, and while there’s not lots of new footage there are a few quick snippets of some of the lesser known mutants displaying their powers, particularly Darwin and Angel.

Why is she called Angel when she clearly has insect wings? Aren’t they afraid movie-goers will confuse this Angel with the more, well, “angelic” looking Angel from X3? Yeah, no one actually tries to remember X3 so probably not, nevermind. And does anyone else feel unimpressed by Emma Frost‘s outfit? Yeah, yeah I know she’s supposed to be scantily clad and all in white but this looks like something off a Victoria Secret’s runway model. It’s boring and unoriginal. I do really like her skin tight leather cat-suit; sexy with a suitable 1960s, Emma Peel style. But okay, I’m probably analyzing her fashion sense too much, you guys just want to stare at her boobies and  I’m sure they’ll be plenty of opportunities.

So you’re pumped for First Class? Good, ’cause director Matthew Vaughn is already thinking about a sequel. He was recently interviewed by Hitfix and talked about working with the cast again and how he’d open his sequel,

Yeah, definitely. I really loved working with them, and with Michael [Fassbender] and James [McAvoy], the chemistry was really lovely. I’ve got some ideas for the opening for the next film. I thought it would be fun to open with the Kennedy Assassination, and we reveal that the magic bullet was controlled by Magneto. That would explain the physics of it, and we see that he’s pissed off because Kennedy took all the credit for saving the world and mutants weren’t even mentioned. And we could go from there, and I’ve got some fun ideas about what other mutants to bring in. I don’t want to tempt fate, though. If the film’s a hit, of course I’d be interested. I really enjoyed making it.

While I’m intrigued by this premise it’s probably too much to expect a film set in the 60s to not touch on the Kennedy assassination. It’s ground we’ve seen covered dozens of times, but hell who knows, maybe Vaughn and the X-Men could shed new light on the conspiracy.

Were you also maybe wondering why Sebastion Shaw doesn’t look like his comic book counterpart? You know, besides the obvious fact that Kevin Bacon would look really fucking dumb with a ponytail. Oh, wait, that is the only possible answer, Vaughn explains,

He was the villain… no, the character, that I was most afraid of. I kept thinking, ‘Are we going to pull Shaw off?’ And the comic book version made me nervous, and I would argue with Lauren [Shuler-Donner] about it, and she’d say, ‘He must have the ponytail and the cravat.’ And I would argue, ‘He is going to look like an Austin Powers villain, Lauren. We cannot do that. I have to make the movie work, and Kevin Bacon with a ponytail and a cravat dressed as an 18th-century fop will look ridiculous.

Good call, Vaughn. This decision probably saved the whole film from being utterly ridiculous.

sources: GeekTyrant, ComicBookMovie

Dark Horse Comics announced at a WonderCon panel Friday that three new comics from the universe of Joss Whedon will launch this year, two of them continuations of past Dark Horse/Whedonverse collaborations Buffy Season Eight and Angel: After the Fall.

First up is a five-issue Dollhouse miniseries based on a future envisioned in the TV series’ episode “Epitaph.” The series will be co-written by Joss Whedon’s brother Jed Whedon and The Vampire Diaries writer Andrew Chambliss. Phil Noto was announced as the cover artist, but no penciller for the series has been named yet. The book is set to hit stores in July.

In August Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season Nine will launch a 25-issue run. Whedon will return to co-write the series with Chambliss, and Season Eight artist Georges Jeanty will take on art duties. During the Q&A portion of the panel, Dark Horse Senior Managing Editor Scott Allie confirmed that both Willow and Spike will return to the series, but didn’t reveal any plot details.

Finally, in September, Angel will return to comics, this time sharing headlining duties with Faith, everyone’s favorite bad girl Slayer. Angel and Faith will follow both characters as they retreat to England following the events of Buffy Season Eight and Angel: After the Fall. The series will be scripted by Avengers Academy writer Christos Gage and drawn by Magus artist Rebekah Isaacs. This series is also slated to run for 25 issues.

While it took me awhile to really appreciate After the Fall, Season Eight was just a pitch perfect continuance of the television series from the get-go. Here’s hoping the quality will continue.

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Actress Sarah Michelle Gellar arrives at "The Air I Breathe" Premiere Hosted by H Magazine and Think Film at the ArcLight on January 15, 2008 in Los Angeles, California.

Remember when Sarah Michelle Gellar decided not to do an 8th season of Buffy because she wanted to start up her serious movie career?  Remember when after The Grudge movies all she did was a follow-up to Scooby Doo?  Yeah, me too.  So apparently she decided it’s time to make her return to television.  She’s done some voice work on popular cartoons and popped out a kid, but other than that she has been non-existent.

Now she is set to make her (triumphant?) return to the small screen on a new CBS series called Ringer. Peter Traugott is the producer of this show and this is what he had to say about it to Entertainment Weekly.

“It’s an edgy thriller about redemption and about revenge. There’s a point of view of two twin sisters who grew apart over a tragedy in their past. And one now seeks redemption and the other one seeks revenge. The sister who is seeking redemption has had a much more troubled life. When her fancy pants sister disappears, she takes over her life. She’s living the life of her more successful sister only to come to find out that her life is equally as fraught with danger and complication. Her sister dies in a boating accident. The other sister takes on her persona, only to come to find out that they have a hit out on her.”

Sarah will be playing the role of both twins, a la Lindsay Lohan from The Parent Trap before she was a hosebag.  He went on to explain why we should be giving a crap about her return at all, if we’re fans of her tenure at BTVS.

“One thing she wanted to guard against was making sure that she whatever she does in TV, she does something that her fans who had grown up loving Buffy will also be excited about. … I think what’s remarkable about her as an actor … she can play both sides well. If you remember Cruel Intentions, she was the villain, but you found yourself kind of rooting for her anyway. That’s what we’re looking for. How do we find something where her character has some edge, there’s some darkness to her, she doesn’t always do the right thing, but at the end of the day, you’re also rooting for her? And that’s what we were looking for in this. Obviously, Buffy was a hero, a kick-ass hero, and we wanted to be true to that with Sarah.”

We’ll see how it goes.  I’ll be watching the show just to see if she lost the baby weight yet, not for her amazing acting prowess.  She had her good moments on Buffy but by the end of it I was sick of watching her eyes go wide and fill with tears the exact same way, week after week.  Give me more Willow, Xander and Spike.  Speaking of Spike, when is James Marsters returning to TV?  That seems way more interesting to me.

Being Human Premiered. Did You Catch It?


Episode #1.1- There Goes The Neighborhood: Part I

The Syfy channel has done a reboot of the hit UK show Being Human.  Being that it is chock full of vampires, werewolves and ghosts, we here at NB just had to give it a try and review it for you, our nerdy fans.  The show centers around three characters; Aidan, Josh and Sally who are a vampire, werewolf and ghost, respectively.  They all live in a house in Boston and the premise is that the vampire and the werewolf just want to try and lead as normal a life as possible.  In other words, they’re trying out Being Humans.  Ha, get it? Let’s delve right in, shall we?

First off, there were many problems following the lore of these creatures.  This lore is seeped in tradition and history and yet writers keep FUCKING with it.  Firstly, Aidan the vampire is out during the day time.  He is very pale, (and always seems to be sweaty…) yet doesn’t seem to shrink away from the light of the sun at all.  Then we have the ghost, Sally.  Somehow this ghost manages to cast a shadow, so that calls attention to shitty editing, or shitty attention to detail.  Josh the werewolf seems spot on for now, but we’ll wait and see just how many nights a month he turns into his hairy alter-ego before coming to a final decision on if they’ve screwed with that creature of the night too much or not.

That being said, the first episode delivered well from an acting standpoint.  Aidan is being played by Sam Witwer who has some nerd cred in his resume.  He has appeared on both Angel and Dexter, as well as being the voice/face of Starkiller from the video game Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. (I and II) Nice acting history!  Witwer had to have taken some pointers from David Boreanaz because he captured the broody, soul-heavy vampire bit perfectly.  He doesn’t want to kill, he wants to be good, etc. He’s a nurse in a hospital and appears to be living off of blood bank reserves.

Aidan is friends with Josh, who also works in a hospital.  Josh is played by Sam Huntington who also has a nerdy past, having played Jimmy Olsen in Superman Returns.  Josh was a pre-med student until he dropped out due to extreme hairiness.  He turned into a werewolf.  No word yet on how he got that way, but a run-in with his sister shows the viewers that he abandoned his human life abruptly, leaving his family behind with only a note that said ‘Don’t worry about me.’

Aidan and Josh decide they are tired of living like creatures of the night, so they want to try and be more human, capture back the lives they’ve lost and just settle down a bit.  They decide to do this by getting a house.  Upon moving in they discover the house is haunted by the ghost of Sally, played by Meaghan Rath (From 10.5: Apocalypse and 18 To Life).  Sally is the fiancee of the landlord who owns the house, and she wants to try and move on so she can leave the house she is currently stuck in.

The drama, besides the obvious supernatural drama, comes in undercurrents.  Aidan is being all but stalked by his sire, Bishop (Mark Pellegrino also from Dexter, and also the TV series Supernatural), who seems to want nothing more than to have Aidan join his ranks again.  Aidan apparently wants no part of this, so no doubt we will learn about the seedy underbelly of Bishop’s little coven later in the season.  Josh’s side drama is that his sister has found him and is both hurt and angry that her brother just disappeared on the family and wants an explanation.  Sally misses her fiancee and wants to see him again before she moves on, which seems to be unlikely as the landlord Danny doesn’t seem to want to go into the house where she died.

The series opener shows enough about the characters to explain why everything is the way it is, but leaves enough out so that it makes you curious to see what is on the horizon for the three main night-dwellers.  We are left with a cliffhanger of Josh locked in a room with his sister about to transform into a werewolf, and Aidan at Bishop’s sexy coven house drinking from a pretty blood doll.  Was the blood drugged?  Will Josh harm his sister in his wolfy form?  We’ll have to wait a week to find out.

Will we continue watching?  The damned vampire didn’t sparkle, so I’m in for another week at least to see where this heads.  Let’s hope it goes somewhere good.  3 out of 5…so far.