Not sure when this happened, but apparently Thor has a sister. And its Angela. You may know Angela as a Spawn character created by Neil Gaiman, and was one of a number of characters subject to a legal dispute between Gaiman and Spawn creator Todd MacFarlane. Emerging out of legal limbo, Gaiman passed control of Angela’s future to Marvel Comics (along with his stake in Miracleman) and the powerful redhead was quickly integrated into the cosmology of the Marvel U. In Asgard. As Thor’s secret sister. Coming out the recent gender reassignment of Thor in her new eponymously titled comic, her sister is also getting her own book called, Angela: Asgard’s Assassin #1. Some details and artwork follow. (more…)


Jeez Marvel, same some stuff for Comic Con… Seriously, it’s been a jam-packed week for Marvel news, and not just of the big screen variety. After revealing the new, female version of Thor on The View, and new Captain America Sam Wilson on The Colbert Report, Marvel is now revealing the new Avengers line-up that will be coming to a comic book show near you this fall. The watch word for this new line-up: diversity. (more…)


We know that former Doctor Who companion Karen Gillan has been hired to play a part in the upcoming Marvel space opus Guardians of the Galaxy, but what is the part she’ll be playing? It seems unlikely that she’ll be playing the part of Rocket Raccoon, but the rumor has been that the part she’s playing is that of a villain, but again, who? Well, a Scottish newspaper cites “Marvel sources” who provides an interesting if unlikely answer.

Uncovered by NeoGaf forums, and then posted by Screen Rant, the below picture of a clipping from said Scottish newspaper indicates that the role Gillan is playing is… Angela!


Wait… Who?! Angela is a galactic bounty hunter who has once a supporting character in Spawn, but caught in a legal dispute involving rights between co-creators Todd McFarlane and Neil Gaiman, a court gave full rights to Gaiman, who turned around and gave Marvel license to use her. As a result, Angela made her first appearance in the recent Age of Ultron event in the Marvel Universe.

Seems a little random right? And would Marvel really stick such an out-of-left-field character in a movie that’s already kind of gamble for them in the first place? Well, I suppose if you’re going to hire a fiery red-haired temptress to be in your movie, you better give her a fiery red-haired temptress part. According to the article:

Karen Gillan will have to be in good shape for her role as a gold bikini-clad alien villain in the Marvel comics superhero film Guardians of the Galaxy. The former Doctor Who star will play Angela, a flame-haired, sword-wielding bounty hunter. The 25-year old Scot – the Time Lord’s companion Amy Pond – begins filming in London later this summer.

Given the fact that the film will begin shooting soon, we should have some kind of clarification as to who Gillan will be playing. So until that official statement from the production, let’s take all this with a grain of salt. Or maybe a tablespoon of salt.

What do you Bastards think, Angela: yay or nay?

Source: Bleeding Cool