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It seems like such a simple idea, take a beloved franchise action hero with an aging star and transfer the series to animation. Fans still get to hear their hero while the action remains fast ans furious without killing said aging star. Sure animation is expensive, but live action at the Indiana Jones level is just as expensive or more. Enter artist and animator Patrick Schoenmaker and let the magic happen. (more…)


While it won’t be connected to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the forthcoming Guardians of the Galaxy cartoon series shows plenty of promise.  Being shown on Disney XD, the “official” premiere date is Saturday, September 26, with back-to-back episodes, but the swell folks at Disney have chosen to give viewers a sneak peek by showing the first episode on Saturday, September 5.  The show should serve well to hold fans over until the next big-screen iteration of the team graces our presence in 2017.  Check out the teaser video here, with the plot synopsis for the first two episodes included below!



Judge Dredd was originally a comic, and it was good.  It was rewritten with another story line, and it was still good.  Then it was a movie, and it was bad. Really bad.  Then it became a movie again (Dredd), and it lacked the comic book back-story and it was low on character development.  There was no love story, no lesson-learned and the movie didn’t take itself seriously which is OH MY GOD WHY THE MOVIE WAS SO DAMN AWESOME! In a world over saturated with shallow PG13 flicks, it’s exactly what we needed.

And now there’s this. Whatever the bloody hell this is.

Dredd executive producer Adi Shankar‘s unofficial animated spin-off, Judge Dredd: Superfiendhas brought online a teaser trailer!  (more…)


The more I see of Star Wars: Rebels, the more I get excited about it. I wish I could have said the same about The Clone Wars animated series, but while I will admit that it got better with time, that initial taste offered in movie theaters left a lot to be desired. There’s nothing bitter about these Rebels shorts though, and once again this sneak peak at the upcoming Disney XD show reinforces the idea that it’s going to fun, action-packed and has a pretty decent sense of humor. In “Entanglement,” the new character Zeb proves that while the Force may not be with him, he can definitely still use force. (more…)


So you set out to make a documentary called Turtle Power: The Definitive History of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, where do you begin? For director Randall Lobb and a small film crew from rural Ontario, it was a phone call to the CEO of Mirage and a five year journey to get from the idea to make a doc about the history of TMNT to releasing it. Now, in time for both the 30th anniversary of the franchise and the recently released film from producer Michael Bay, Lobb and Co.’s five year odyssey through Ninja Turtles lore is ready to be seen. Recently, Nerd Bastards got the chance to talk with Lobb about how they tracked down all the players, how it all came together, and why even people who aren’t Turtle fans will find something to love in the documentary. (more…)


It’s big news today for fans of the 90s, and/or fans of early CG animation for TV because the Vancouver-based studio that once brought us the hit ReBoot is gearing up to reboot their most well-known franchise for a re-launch just in time for the show’s 20th anniversary. That sound confusing? Read on through, it’ll make more sense.



Though I’m still grieving the unfair cancellation of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, this announcement of a new Disney/Lucasfilm animated series, Star Wars Rebels may be a damn good appeasement. Coming from many of the same talented folks who brought us The Clone Wars, like supervising director Dave Filoni, and new faces screenwriter/producer Simon Kinberg (X-Men: First Class,Sherlock HolmesMr. & Mrs. Smith) and executive producer Greg Weisman (Young JusticeThe Spectacular Spider-Man, Gargoyles), this series will be exploring the time period between Episodes III and IV. And while it’s not exactly what I asked for – personally, I’m dying for a series set between IV and V – it will involve much of the aesthetic of the original trilogy and that makes me giddy.

The most we know about Star Wars Rebels is it will focus on, “in a time where the Empire is securing its grip on the galaxy and hunting down the last of the Jedi Knights as a fledgling rebellion against the Empire is taking shape.” Other details are being kept completely under wraps. But, that bit about “hunting down the last of the Jedi Knights” gives me hope we may see the return of Anakin’s former padawan, Clone Wars breakout star, and general, all around ass kicker, Ahsoka Tano. She didn’t die at the end of Clone Wars like many of us thought she would so there’s a good chance she’d be one of those surviving Jedi. Hey, it’s something for them to think about, and I’m sure I wouldn’t be the only Clone Wars fan who’d like to see some connection between the two series.

Hit the jump for the full press release, but before that, check out this video of Filoni discussing what he can – very little – of Rebels,

Okay, how cool is it to hear they’re looking at Ralph McQuarrie‘s work for inspiration!? I hope we see some designs real soon. What are you thinking of Rebels? It’s schedule to premiere with a one hour special on Disney in the fall of 2014, with a full series to follow on Disney XD.

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After seeing 2009’s Star Trek all I wanted was more. I craved the continuing adventures of the Enterprise and her crew, and sadly we’d all have to wait until 2013 to see them. That’s the downfall of movies over a TV series, we can’t check in weekly to see what the crew’s up to. It’s particularly tough because that’s a pattern most Trek fans are used to, sure there were movies before but they was also a series running at the same time. I don’t think I need to tell you we won’t be seeing Chris Pine or Zachary Quinto starring in a weekly Trek series on CBS anytime soon, but how about supplying the voices?

In his interview with Trek Movie, Roberto Orci touched on the topic of a Star Trek animated series, here’s their exchange, Is there some kind of handshake — or possibly written — agreement between Paramount and CBS for CBS to not do a live-action Star TrekTV series while there is a feature film in development or until after JJ Abrams produces three movies?

Roberto Orci: I don’t know how specific that is. I do know there is an conversation where all parties agree to do what is best for Trek. And sometimes that means leaving space for the movie and it may turn into “maybe we can do both.” I don’t think there is a hard and fast rule where if there is a movie you can’t do it. It means let’s be aware of whether or not we are cannibalizing Trek. Let’s be aware of not saturating the audience and having them not be tired of it but hungry for it. But do you agree with me that an animated series is…

Roberto Orci: Yes. It is less cannibalizing. I would like to see an animated series the most. When I think about it, it is the most different than what we are doing and still in the most in line with it. So I would like to see an animated series. An animated series done like the new comic books and game you guys are currently overseeing — set in the movie universe with the same characters, having adventures in between the films?

Roberto Orci: Yes, exactly.

An animated series following the adventures of the new Enterprise crew? I am so there. Seeing how wonderful a show like The Clone Wars is and how much it enhances the Star Wars universe, I would love nothing more than for Star Trek to have its own ‘toon. What do you think? Would love to see a Star Trek animated series, or should they just stick with the films? Come on, we could get more M’Ress!

In the meantime, if you haven’t ever seen the 60s Star Trek animated series in where all the original cast reprised their roles, please check it out. It’s campy, psychedelic, and even with its meager budget, a fun show. I do believe you can stream all the episodes on either Netflix or from CBS’ website.

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Due to the success of Joss Whedon‘s The Avengers,  Marvel/ Disney are reassembling their animated properties.  Not only are they developing a new Avengers Assemble TV series to replace Earth’s Mightiest Heroes (I’m still super pissed about that!), but they are also developing new Iron Man and Hulk animated series.

The news comes from the president of Disney Channels Worldwide, Gary Marsh, who let it slip in the following statement to THR when asked if he was looking into more Avengers series:

“Two months ago, we launched Marvel Universe on Disney XD, which became the exclusive home for new Marvel television content. We’ve developed Ultimate Spider-Man. Subsequent to the success of the Avengers movie, we’ve been developing a new Avengers Assemble. We’re talking about a Hulk series and an Iron Man series, too. They’re going to spend $150 million to $200 million to make these [movie] properties and then half of that to market them; I’m sitting here thinking, ‘Thank you, Lord, you’ve made me look good.”

So yeah… fans of the CGI animated series Iron Man: Armored Adventures are gonna be in for a bit of a let down.  Despite 2 full seasons and a decent following,  Marvel/Disney are clearly gonna scrap it in favor of this new Iron Man series. If they axed EMH, which was extremely popular, why would they keep IRMM?

I for one, welcome the sacking of IRMM. The teenage Tony from Armored Adventures is such a pussy. Honestly, how can really call yourself “Iron Man” unless you’re actually a man?

As far as The Hulk goes, I’m not nearly as excited. I don’t think The Hulk is strong enough to carry his own show. I feel he works best in team situations.

With the amount of money Marvel/ Disney are dumping on these new shows, I can only hope it translates to quality animation and good story telling.

Special thanks to Geek Tyrant for the heads up.

The creators of the deeply hilarious comic webseries Sean and SuchJoe Centner and Sean Gitter are just a couple of regular guys who also happen to be foul mouthed, yet mild mannered animators, voice actors, and abusers of cartoon animals. The show, based on the pair’s previous experiences working in the retail hell of a pet store, just concluded it’s first season, so we asked them if they would be interested in an interview, and like the media sluts that they are, they said “yes”. We get an interview, they get to stroke their egos with free press — everybody wins!

We discussed everything from how it all started for the pair to where the show will be when season two rolls out. Boobs, beers and even the debate on the big issue of the year: ketchup versus barbecue sauce was discussed. We asked them the questions people were too scared to ask because we hear Joe has beast rage and , but we kept our distance just in case. Check it out: