animated shorts

Community will once again be gracing our Thurday night at 8pm come March 15th, but until then NBC is keeping us jacked up on Greendale with these new animated shorts. The first part of the mini-mini series, “Abed’s Master Key” is now available to watch, check it out below.

I love the immediate references to them being animated, it’s exactly what I’d expect from the self referential comedy. As usual, the Dean steals the show, kind of like Jim Rash as The Oscars. Hey, what a minute?! What do you think will come from Abed’s new found power? Was that some kind of Gollum-like glint in his eye when he received the key?

Check back tomorrow for part two! And don’t forget about Community returning to television on March 15th.


We here at nerdbastards love minimalistic art. It says so much with so little. It makes us feel so sophisticated. Now, animated minimalistic nerd art? Well, that’s just the makings of a good face raping (meaning it’s awesome). So you can imagine our glistening fat doe eyes and jaw droppage when we saw “35MM: 35 Movies in 2 Minutes”. Its a fun little video created by Felix Meyer and Pascal Monaco who tried to simplify 35 classic movies in a 2 minute animated short. It’s like a video work of art about cinema.

Take a close look and see how many movies you can recognize. You’d have to be a film/art aficionado to catch em all. If your a classic movie virgin or not really a film geek ┬áthen just look at the pretty pictures. Ohhhh…ahhhh!

35mm from Pascal Monaco on Vimeo.