Anime Weekend Atlanta


If you’ve watched any (English language) Anime in the last twenty plus years then there’s an extremely high chance that you’ve heard Vic Mignogna‘s voice. He’s been doing anime voice work for some of the most popular anime shows like Full Metal Alchemist, Attack on Titan, Bleach, and many, many others. Recently, at Anime Weekend Atlanta 2014 I got the chance to sit down with Vic. What first brought him to my attention was his web series Star Trek Continues. Once I started watching and looked him up I realized that I had heard his voice work countless times in a ton of the anime I had watched over the years. I like anime, but I’m really a Star Trek nerd. Star Trek is what started my love of all things sci-fi and nerdy back in the day and Vic and I share that background. You’ll see what I’m talking about in the interview because we ended up talking a lot about Star Trek and Star Trek Continues.


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There was a ton of cosplay going on throughout the 20th anniversary of Anime Weekend Atlanta‘s weekend long celebration. It wasn’t just obscure anime characters that only the anime aficionado would know, there was just about every nerdy franchise represented by at least one person if not more. If you want to know more about the convention check out yesterday’s AWA convention wrap up. (more…)

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Anime Weekend Atlanta had its 20th anniversary last weekend with a weekend long celebration of everything Anime. There were panels, terrific cosplay, great anime voice acting and musical guests (There was practically a concert going on somewhere in the convention just about all the time), a huge Dealers Room with an equally large Artists Alley, special event sites like the Imperial Maid Cafe, numerous video rooms with Anime streaming, and an impressive, free to read, Manga Library that was open 24/7 during the convention. It was a fun weekend and you can check out the highlights of the convention after the jump! (more…)