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A few weeks ago at San Diego Comic Con, it was announced that Brie Larson would be taking up the mantle of Captain Marvel in the Marvel Studios film of the same name. But there’s more than enough room in the Marvel Universe for another female superhero, right? So when Anna Kendrick took to Twitter earlier this summer, and said, “Hey, why don’t I be Squirrel Girl?” at the behest of her brother, and the reaction was positive. But if Kendrick wants to be Squirrel Girl, she’ll need support from inside Marvel Studios, people of esteem and influence, like Avengers: Infinity War directors Joe and Anthony Russo(more…)


Not too long ago, Anna Kendrick called “shotgun” on Squirrel Girl, the rodent themed Marvel comics super-heroine that started as something of a gag, but became an actual fan favorite. To be clear, Marvel has never announced plans to make Squirrel Girl (or any of the teams she’s been on, like the Great Lakes Avengers) into a movie—Kendrick has simply stated her interest in playing the character (even though she admitted to knowing little about her, outside of a few comics her brother sent her). Now, someone else in Hollywood is saying “Hey Marvel, I’m team Squirrel Girl!”  (more…)


When it comes to female superheroes, the offerings are sadly not nearly as plentiful as their male counterparts. In the specific case of Marvel Studios, we’ve been introduced to Black Widow played by Scarlett Johansson, the Wasp portrayed by Evangeline Lilly, and the Scarlet Witch who’s played by Elizabeth Olsen. Captain Marvel, as we know, is on her way to be Marvel’s first solo superheroine, and we might likely hear about her casting soon. It’s a role a lot of actresses in Hollywood wouldn’t mind having, but others have their eyes on something a bit more modest. Don’t think Avengers, think Great Lakes Avengers.  (more…)


A new movie trailer and promotional poster for the upcoming DreamWorks Animation flick Trolls has just been released by 20th Century Fox. Be forewarned: this product contains massive amounts of color, glitter, and music! The tunes are to be expected, though, when you have Justin Timberlake voicing the lead troll, Branch. Timberlake’s only what, like a nine-time Grammy, four time Emmy Award winner? When you hear who else is in the vocal cast, signs of a hit movie soundtrack will be unmistakable. (more…)


The newest Star Wars: Battlefront commercial is completely and metaphorically on point. All of your fellow Star Wars fans (assuming you are a fan, because let’s face it, why would you be here if you weren’t?) will be M.I.A starting October 17th when Battlefront hits for PS4. So make this week count, because it may be the last time for a while that you have anyone’s full attention!  The end of the commercial features Anna Kendrick re-enacting Obi-Wan Kenobi‘s message to Darth Vader about how, if struck down, he’ll “become more powerful than you can possibly imagine”. It seems that becoming one with the Force causes you to vanish quite completely! (more…)


In a world full of differing opinions, one thing that we can all agree on is the fact that Anna Kendrick is absolutely amazing.  After breaking the box office this weekend with Pitch Perfect 2, the lovely actress has decided to do something else to make sure her place in our hearts will remain there for as long as possible.  How?  By playing our new favorite archeologist, Indianna Jones, for Red Nose Day, that’s how. (more…)


Warning – Minor spoilers for Pitch Perfect 2 and Mad Max: Fury Road are ahead. Nothing Earth shattering but hey, you have been warned.

This weekend, two new movies hit theaters across America and managed to kick the box office juggernaut Avengers: Age of Ultron down from its throne, landing the newest Marvel adventure in third place for the weekend box office.  The backdrop of the new releases, Mad Max: Fury Road and Pitch Perfect 2, couldn’t be more different.  Mad Max: Fury Road is a return to a dystopian world first introduced to audiences back in 1979, with original Mad Max director George Miller back behind the wheel.  The movie is dark and action packed from beginning to end and presents a world lacking water, oil, and civility.  Its main protagonists are an almost nameless man (Max, played by Tom Hardy) searching for redemption and a woman named Furiosa (played by Charlize Theron), who is searching for the same.  Pitch Perfect 2, on the other hand, is a bright, cheerful movie about a group of college girls who are seeking redemption in a completely different way, in a completely different world.  While in Fury Road, the good guys are battling mad men with weapons and vehicles that seem to have been literally transported back from a future that we all hope will never come, the girls of Pitch Perfect 2 were singing their way back to former glory while their main antagonists, a German a Capella group, happen to be able to make some great sounds with their mouths. The differences between the movies matter but what matters more here is the one thing they both have in common: Girl Power, in spades. (more…)


It seems that every year, a few musicals are sprinkled throughout the holiday season and many of them wind up being some of the most beloved films of the year.  This year, there will be two musicals fighting during the holidays for their right to take home the Oscar for Best Musical: Annie and Into The WoodsAnnie has given audiences a couple of trailers at this point and there really are no questions about what the film will be presenting audiences when it releases next month.  Into The Woods, on the other hand, has only given us a short teaser with absolutely no music, and a very iffy EW photo shoot.  Now that we are a little over a month and a half away from its Christmas release date, Into The Woods has finally released a trailer worth watching and (spoiler alert) there’s actually music in it! (more…)



I have to wonder if there’s a little in house competition between Disney’s upcoming live-action Cinderella and Disney‘s adaptation of the stage musical, Into the Woods. Both are based on fairy tales, both are expected to release in 2014, and they’ll both feature the glass-slippered princess. It’s Lily James in what I’m assuming will be a family friendly Cinderella, but it’s Anna Kendrick as the rags to riches beauty in the more mature Into the Woods.

Adapted from the Stephen Sondheim musical, the cast of Into the Woods is already impressive: Meryl Streep, Johnny Depp, Chris Pine, Jake Gyllenhaal, James Corden, Emily Blunt, Tracy Ullman and Christine Baranski; the addition of Kendrick only increases that singing and star power. This version finds Cinderella after she’s already married to her prince, a vain man played by Pine, and looking for her place in the world.

Kendrick has been performing in musicals since a very young age, but other than a few songs in Pitch Perfect, she hasn’t sung on screen. Having not seen Pitch Perfect, or even knowing what it’s about, I’m excited for Kendrick joining Into the Woods. Mostly because I’m imagining she’ll play it like she did Scott Pilgrim’s sister. What a sass-tacular Cinderella, dontcha think?

Source: THR via Screen Rant

Fraggles and Piano Rock

As a possessor of somewhat odd tastes I rarely get to experience multiple things I like all at once. There is no baseball video game with a Tom Waits soundtrack and time travel puzzle solving, and rarely does porn include a healthy dose of 90s style sketch comedy or Aaron Sorkin written dialogue. Here though, below these meager words, lives a collection of assembled cool shit. A joyfulness jambalaya for me and those who dig what I dig.

Behold, Fraggles, The Ben Folds Five, a cute girl (Anna Kendrick), Nerdist, and Rob Corddry — all brought together for the Ben Folds Five video “Do it Anyway”. The cake icing? No Gorgs, man I hate Gorgs.

There, now wasn’t that amazing? It kinda reminded me of that old Weezer video for “Keep Fishing”* that had a horde of Muppets in it. Sadly, Weezer began sucking h-h-hard after the “Green Album” (or maybe during it), so here’s hoping Folds, Darren Jessee, and Robert Sledge don’t fall victim to the felt curse as well.

For those of you who are not quite sure what you just watched, here is a link to the Wiki definition of what a music video is. If you don’t know what Fraggles are, there is no help for you.

*I wrongly said the Weezer video was Island in the Sun. I was totally right about Weezer sucking now though.