Frozen is not only one of the most popular animated movies of all time, it is one of the most popular movies of all time, period.  Between its message of true love between sisters and its catchy soundtrack, not to mention a stable of characters that were severely likeable, Frozen has grossed over $1.2bil worldwide and has received more awards than you can shake a carrot at.  Now that it has dominated the animated world, Disney is bringing a live action Elsa, Anna, and even Kristoff to the small screen in ABC’s Once Upon a Time and if these promos are an indication, Frozen will continue to win hearts over. (more…)


Though we never got around to giving Frozen a proper review here on the site, it didn’t slip by unnoticed. For Disney it was a triumph not only for their incredible animation of wintry snow and ice, but its songs harkened back to their smash hit musicals The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast. Everything was perfect–up until the very, very end when the movie kind of forget it was a musical. (more…)