Anson Mount

CBS All Access has debuted the action-packed official trailer for the second season of Star Trek: Discovery following the panel for the series at Comic Con.

The trailer features the return of Sonequa Martin-Green as Michael Burnham and introduced a new alien character named Linus, while showing us a few other new cast members.

We also got a first look at some snazzy new Starfleet crew uniforms that look very familiar.

Showrunner Alex Kurtzman confirms we will be seeing Spock in the new season which will have a ‘family’ theme unlike the war theme of the first season.


When it was announced that CBS would once again visit the well and give us a new Star Trek series, it was welcome by many hard-core Trekkies. After all, it’s been 16 years since Star Trek: Voyager had gone off the air. While fans have had the Kelvin Universe films from JJ Abram’s Star Trek reboot and their subsequent sequels, there wasn’t anything on the small screen to hold us over. With the announcement of Star Trek: Discovery to not focus on a captain of a ship/space station for the first time, and the fact that it would be the first one that you had to pay for on CBS All Access, some fans were hesitant to embrace the new show. However, it won over the disbelievers as it was a hit with critics and fans.  (more…)

Long live the King! After years of toiling on the railroad on AMC’s Hell on Wheels, actor Anson Mount finally finds a role worthy of an actor looking to play a king, and following up on the recent announcement that Game of Throne’s Iwan Rheon was going to play another backstabbing scoundrel in the form of Maximus, comes word that Mount will play his TV brother, Black Bolt, King of the Inhumans. The upcoming ABC series based on the Marvel Comic will feature the Inhuman royal family, the ruler of which has the super-power to destroy entire cities just by whispering a single word. This guy, you don’t want to mess with. (more…)