Aqua Team Hunger Force

Go Up, Up and Away with Meatwad


How fucking ridiculous is this?  So if you by chance have $70,000 just lying around your apartment, not only can you ride in a Meatwad inspired hot air balloon but actually own it as well!  Now, I love that squeaky voiced, squishy, ball of meat as much as the next person but this shit is outrageous.  Who had such a random thought to put together something like this you ask.  None other than the genius’ at Adult Swim. They must have had some free time on their hands to think up this truly unique  marketing device.  So if you had the money would you guys take a ride in Meatwad??

DVD Tuesday 6/1/10: Clint Eastwood Day


It’s the first Tuesday of June and folks, todays release will have you see a lot of Clint Eastwood at your stores. Yesterday was Eastwood’s 80th birthday and the Blu-Ray/DVD market decided to (re-)release pretty much all the films he either star or directed (sometimes both) on either Blu-Ray/DVD singles, combo packs, and collection packs. There are few new movies and like always, we list whether if it’s a BUY, RENT, or PASS on them. We got the Old Stuff is New Again section which will be filled with Eastwood and few other titles not Eastwood related. There is also the TV Show DVD Worth Checking Out section with two releases. No Anime Pick this week so check out what came out after the jump.