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Ask any 30-something what the best part of growing up was, and you will probably be regaled with stories of waking up on Saturday mornings, going to the kitchen and making a big bowl of cereal, grabbing your blanket and plopping yourself down in front of the TV to catch the latest offering of He-Man or Transformers. If you stick around long enough you may hear tales of a delicious green Orange-Tangerine flavored nectar, a drink whispered of in legend and now long forgotten to time. I speak of course of the amazing Ecto Cooler. But now, that legend is back…well sorta.

This famous drink is now in alcoholic form at The Quarters Bar Yes, the childhood staple has now been boozed up. Yes, please!  (more…)

A while back Nerdbastards wrote about Hank Chien, the man who bent former Donkey Kong champs Billy Mitchell and Steve Wiebe over a table and went to town on their asses. Chien is the new high score champion of the 8-bit game Donkey Kong, capturing it from the bitter rivals with a score of 1,090,400. Now he can add one more title to his resume, other then doctor and gamer, a movie star. Just like the aforementioned Mitchell and Wiebe, Chien is the star of his very own video game documentary called Doctor Kong: Cutting Up the Competition. While it isn’t a sequel to 2007’s A Fistfull of Quarters it doesn’t mean it’s any less interesting, showing his rise into the record books in between his personal and professional life. Check out the first look at Doctor Kong.

Player 1, you’re needed in the OR

Doctor Kong (trailer) from on Vimeo.

Pretty good considering they started filming this before he became the new world champion at the barrell avoiding game. It’s like director Alexis Neophytides knew Hank was going to be a contender turned champ, with his beaming smile and personality. Already screened in Brooklyn, New York, the film has more screenings slated for later in the month. Billy has his “Rickey’s World Famous Restaurant” chain and Steve has his “heart of gold” sportsmanship but Chien has a the new record (for now). He won’t have to use that “I’m playing Donkey Kong so I can get laid” after this hits the market, the wads of cash in his pockets should do all the talking now.

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TMNT Fight Over Pizza (Video)

Screen shot 2010-12-01 at 10.55.23 PM

Remember the old school arcade games you’d play with your friends?

There was always a moment where a lone power-up or health item would appear, and you’d all want it. But, how do you decide who gets the precious item?

The folks at Dorkly decided to show you how the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles handle such problems

(Watch Through the Game Start Intro)

Back when I was like 7,8,9 and 10 years old I would go to the local arcade “Fun and Games” with a fistfull of quarters. After entering and letting my eyes adjust to the near blackness of the dark, I would make a beeline for the back left corner with nothing but dozens of glowing statuesque systems to guide me.

Sitting in the corner was a grainy, old, vile machine called Chiller.

I had to stand on a crate to hold the gun locked onto the frame. My mother would stand behind me and laugh in that incredulous horror while I shot the flesh off of bound and racked victims. And activating these devices by shooting the right switch. Now that I look back, I CAN’T BELIEVE THEY GOT AWAY WITH SHIT LIKE THAT!!!

A game like that is totally unheard of nowadays! How can an 8 year old maliciously take aim and shoot the flesh off down to the bone of a screaming man in absolute delight?! Well, It was easy!!! It was a game!! And I didn’t become some serial killer because of it!

A sex fiend? YES! But definitely not a killer!

Games like that are dead and gone now, and I am sad… GTA and God of War have nothing on the Original Gangstas of the gore genre…