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E3 truly is the best time of the year for video gamers. Everything looks fantastic, and we’re still too far away to know what’s going to turn out to be crap. Regardless of what hits and what misses, it’s almost a given that any entry in the Batman: Arkham series will be a success, and I’m happy to say that the first gameplay trailer for Batman: Arkham Knight doesn’t disappoint! (more…)


All those rumors about the next installment in the Batman: Arkham Asylum/City game franchise have come true. Announced today, Batman: Arkham Origins from Warner Bros. Games Montreal, will be released on October 25th for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U and PC. The announcement video, which you can watch below, comes from Game Informer who will also feature the game in their May issue with complete, in depth coverage on what we can expect from this Arkham prequel.

More info, plus a look a the front and back cover of Game Informer featuring Bats and Deathstroke, below the cut.


Seemingly overnight, 15 Domain names have been registered by MarkMonitor, a company often employed by Warner Bros. and other studios to register Domains for their official film sites–Paramount hired them for Star Trek: Into Darkness last year. All said Domains include the word “Arkham” in some form, usually paired with “Batman” or “DC”. Fusible is mulling over whether or not this event is the harbinger of a new Batman film.

Rumors that the next Bats film will be inspired by the wildly popular Arkham Asylum video game series are certainly nothing new, but Batfans eagerly awaiting the Dark Knight’s next cinematic outing shouldn’t read too much into this: It’s every bit as likely (if not more) that these Domain registrations portend nothing more than a new Batman game.

Below is a full list of the registered Domains in question: (Arkham Universe) (Batman Arkham Universe) (Batman Arkham Arises) (Batman Arkham Begins) (Batman Arkham Dark Knight) (Batman Arkham Knight) (Batman Arkham Legend) (Batman Arkham Legends) (Batman Arkham Night) (Batman Arkham Origins) (Batman Arkham Stories) (Dark Knight Arkham) (DC Arkham Universe) (DC Arkhamverse) (The Arkham Universe)

NerdBastards will continue to follow this story–whatever the project ultimately turns out to be–and we will bring you further information as it becomes available.

First, Rocksteady Games took the Batman franchise and turned it into one of the single best video game franchise of all-time with Batman: Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. Doning their utility belt of success, the game developers have decided to resurrect another gaming franchise, four mutant turtles and their talking rat master. Maybe you’ve heard of them?

The rumor going around is that Rocksteady may possibly be developing a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles video game called “The Manhattan Crisis”, no relation to 1992′s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Manhattan Project. While this is only an Internet rumor right now, no one at Rocksteady has publicly denied the rumor either.

As far as we have can gather:

– All four Turtles will be playable, with flashbacks played as Master Splinter/Hamato Yoshi.
– Gameplay and story/stage progression will be similar to Batman: Arkham City.
– Bosses include Bebop and Rocksteady, Dr. Baxter Stockman, Shredder (Oroku Saki), and Krang. In the case of the humans-turned-mutants, you fight them in both forms throughout the story.
– The Turtle Van and Turtle Blimp will be included.
– The game will use Arkham City‘s graphics engine.
– The game is expected to be more dark than slapstick.

Having a five-star developer working on what most NerdBastards grew up watching is outstanding. If Rocksteady can somehow manage to repeat the magic act they pulled with Batman while keeping the game interesting including multiple player input, Rocksteady could be the king of the gaming mountain for years.

Just no Vanillia Ice, we’ve had enough to deal with after TMNT.

Source: You Bent My Wookie

Arkham Asylum is a reaction to the hyper-realistic treatment comic book creators were giving superheroes during the graphic novel boom of the 1980s. Landmark stories like Watchmen and The Dark Knight Returns had shown the grittier side of the superhero, the human side, the side in the midst of an existential crisis. With his own ambitious Batman project, Grant Morrison set out to make something different, something that would be more like a piece of experimental art than a conventional superhero story. Morrison’s incorporation of Jungian psychology, the occult, surrealist and expressionist art concepts and quantum, combined with Dave McKean’s demented, gorgeously dark art, make Arkham Asylum a landmark comic, an assault on 1980s grit that transcends its era. It remains a timeless, dreamy maelstrom of a book. Every time you read it you get lost inside, and every time it seems to pull you closer to a place you can’t return from.


So Batman: Arkham Asylum has been out for a week now and its being herald as the best game of 09 and has been solidified as the greatest super hero based game of all time but is it a perfect game? Arkham Asylum is certainly a great game and worth its praise. It’s hard to not appreciate all its glorious wonders from stunning graphics, superior voice acting to its fantastic mix of action and stealth game play. One might be labeled a heretic for daring to find faults with such an awesome game but no game is perfect. Folks are so caught up with everything this game does right that they can’t recognize its flaws but being the nerdbastard that I am I have no problem calling it like it is. Here are 5 reasons Arkham Asylum may leave you less than satisfied.