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The franchise could be coming back from the grave of mediocrity.Terminator: Genisys was released last year, plenty of fans considered it to be the official death of the Terminator franchise. Even with Arnold Schwarzenegger reprising his role, Genisys still disappointed fans with its numerous plot holes, contradictions, and overall disregard for the franchise’s mythology. As if the cold reception from fans wasn’t bad enough, the film absolutely tanked at the domestic box office. Even an amazingly delicious burger at Red Robin couldn’t get more people to see it. Sure, it was able to find financial success overseas, but by then the damage was already done to the film’s reputation. The franchise indeed seems to be dead and buried, but its star begs to differ.


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Turns out the phrase “I’ll be back,” doesn’t just apply to the Terminator films. Ever since his return to movie making, Arnold Schwarzenegger has had a bit of a hard time finding successful starring roles. The Last Stand, Escape Plan and Sabotage all pretty much tanked at the box office, and proved that Schwarzenegger’s name alone isn’t enough to sell tickets anymore. Even his return to the Terminator franchise was a let-down. While Terminator: Genysis was a success overseas, it wasn’t well-received by American audiences or Terminator fans in general. Terminator: Genisys was practically plagued with bad buzz from day one, so it was almost guaranteed to disappoint. However, despite how underwhelming Genysis was, Schwarzenegger may have a more triumphant franchise-return to look forward to in the near future.



Deja vu? Possibly. You might recall a rumor in 2011 that said that Arnold Schwarzenegger, an actor whose worldwide fame was assured after appearing in the 1984 hit The Terminator, was re-joining that film’s director, James Cameron, for his latest opus, the sequel to the number one film of all-time, Avatar. The rumors died off when progress on the sequels slowed down (and as Cameron’s ambitions expanded), but with it coming down to a do-or-die start date for the sequel trilogy if it wants to make its holiday 2015 release date, the rumor returns: Will Arnie play a role in Avatar 2?

Latino Review is saying that the answer to that question is yes. Schwarzenegger will join the cast as “a bad guy human general,” who presumably takes over for Stephen Lang’s character in part one as the man in charge of humanity’s pursuit of unobtanium on Pandora. This could be highly interesting development for both the film, and for Schwarzenegger, who hasn’t appeared in a Cameron film since 1994’s True Lies, and hasn’t played the villain in a movie since probably the first Terminator. Also interesting is that if Schwarzenegger does sign up for Avatar 2, it might make him unavailable for the Terminator sequel/reboot that also has a proposed 2015 release date.

If hired, Schwarzenegger will join the retuning cast of Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana and Sigourney Weaver. Currently, the scripts for the three Avatar sequels are being overseen by James Cameron and written by Josh Friedman (War of the Worlds), Rick Jaffa & Amanda Silver (Rise of the Planet of the Apes), and Shane Salerno (Savages). Cameron is aiming to shoot the films back-to-back-to-back for holiday season 2015, 2016, and 2017 releases.

What do you Bastards think, want to see Schwarzenegger be bad in Avatar 2?

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At Nerd Bastards we’re no strangers to weird movie rumors, we deal with them on a daily basis, but this latest tidbit concerning Terminator 5 really boggles the mind.

Comic Book Movie is reporting that, in addition to Arnold Schwarzenegger, original Terminator co-stars Linda Hamilton and Michael Biehn are also being courted by the film’s producers. No word on exactly what their status is: Are they negotiating? Has the offer been merely extended? Is this for a full-on supporting role, or are they only going to cameo? Who knows.

As I’m sure you know Hamilton and Biehn had pretty pivotal roles in The Terminator. She played Sarah Connor, mother of humanity’s future savior John Connor, and he played Kyle Reese, a soldier from the future sent back in time to protect Sarah, and, inadvertently (by design) father her child. It would seem unlikely that Hamilton and Biehn would be appearing as Sarah and Kyle though, so could something else be afoot?

Naturally. Remember that rumor about Terminator 5 taking place in the 1950s and is about a grizzled old man (Schwarzenegger) who protects Sarah Connor’s parents from an all new, more deadly Terminator played by Dwayne Johnson? Hamilton and Biehn be recast in this provocative new setting too, although they may still be too old to play Sarah Conner’s parents. Of course all this is merely rumor, and everything about the production of Terminator 5, with the exception of its existence, should be taken with a grain of salt.

But what do you say Bastards, want to see a Terminator reunion of Schwarzenegger, Hamilton and Biehn? Sound off below.

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Total Recall The Musical


(article by the nerdyninja Sam Britton)

Total Recall everyones favorite early 90’s sci-fi thriller. Let’s be honest here, we’re friends after all. We aren’t? Oh well, we will be by the end of this post. When watching Total Recall what was the one thing it lacked? That’s right, a rocking inspirational  score sung by a Jewish Kermit the Frog (or so I assume). It’s supposed to be Schwarzenegger ,really?  Hell this video just got a whole lot funnier. Enjoy the video below Total Recall- The musical! Noticeably absent? Everyone’s favorite three breasted hooker. ( I’m a grown ass woman barely in a b-cup and that bitch go not 2 full C’s, but three, THREE! Bullshit I say!)


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