Arnold Schwartzenegger


Are you excited for Terminator Genisys? After being bit by Rise of the Machines and Salvation, it is easy to understand if your excitement for the upcoming sequel/reboot is a bit muted.  After James Cameron’s seal of approval, however, chances are that Terminator fans will be more than a bit happy with the new entry of the 30 year old franchise.  Even with Cameron’s (who wrote and directed the first two, i.e. the best, entries in the franchise) backing of the film, franchise star Arnold Schwarzenegger couldn’t resist drumming up some excitement for the flick in the best possible way. (more…)


Remember when Late Night TV was actually watched on late night TV?

Pepperidge Farm remembers.

The skits that were usually worth staying up late for, are now uploaded to the Internet the same night or following morning. Screw the delightful and sometimes lame host-to-guest inquires and banter. It’s all about making with the funny and getting those bits to go viral on the Internet.

So here we are, with relatively new Late Night star James Corden throwing his weight around against the Late Night Power House Jimmies, Kimmel and Fallon. Corden recently took over The Late Late Show from Craig Ferguson and to kick things off, he had Hanks help kick things off with a bang by acting out the Oscar-winner’s entire filmography in less than seven minutes.  Now Corden is back with another Hollywood icon to do it all over again. This time it’s Terminator franchise star Arnold Schwarzenegger, and the pair does all his movies in six minutes.  (more…)

Terminator Genisys

Marketing for the big releases next year are well under way, and now Paramount have decided to test the water this coming Thursday with the release of the Terminator: Genisys trailer. With the controversy surrounding the images that were released by EW recently, and the story details that have emerged lately, fans are already bracing themselves for more mediocre affair following the release of the terrible McG directed disaster, Terminator Salvation. There has obviously been an effort from director Alan Taylor (Thor: The Dark World) – or at least we hope so – to make a decent film, and we have the original T-800Arnold Schwartzenegger – back on board and not some crappy gimmicky CGI version of him. (more…)


There’s been a trend in big franchise film making that’s been developing the last few years. Instead of the traditional release of a film followed by a sequel driven by box office results, now producers and directors are filming multiple films in sequence. Often beginning the next film before post production has completed on the first movie. Some are no brainers, The Hunger Games second, third and fourth films never really had a break in production between filming. Certainly nothing like the three or five year breaks between sequels of the past. The latest to jump on this band wagon is the Terminator franchise with Paramount Pictures setting the premiere dates for the next two sequels. (more…)


There’s some more news out on the Terminator 5 front. Nope, it’s not another Sarah Connor casting tid-bit or who the new John Connor/Kyle Reese might be. This time around it’s all about the title. Word around the Internet water cooler is that Arnold, director Alan Taylor, and the other creative powers that be involved in Terminator 5 have settled on a production name for the movie. Could it make the cut to the big screen? (more…)