arrow season 3

arrow season 3 banner

Fans of Arrow, prepare yourself for an epic reveal – the very first full-length trailer from the show’s third season. SDCC brings us many things, some good, some not-so-much, but this is one treat that Arrowheads everywhere have been long-awaiting. Witness such teases as Oliver’s time in Hong Kong, the introduction of The Atom, the return of The Dark Archer and much, much more. Scroll on for all the Arrow-y goodness.


mcqueen as nightwing

Season 2 of Arrow just finished up a few weeks back and I and my fellow Arrowheads are eagerly awaiting what this amazingly produced show has to offer for season 3. We’ve seen quite a few familiar faces grace the small screen thus far, including an off-camera cameo by none-other-than Harley Quinn. So what kinds of goodies does the next season of Arrow have in store for us? Well, if the ever-present rumormill is to be believed, we should be getting a glimpse of Nightwing when the show returns in Fall. (more…)