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The news that the CW was planning on adding another DC Comics-based showed to its growing pantheon of superhero series hardly came as a surprise, but what was surprising was the scope of this next project. Taking characters from both The Flash and Arrow, as well as DC characters never before portrayed in live-action, and putting them all under one roof, that was true ambition. We’ve been chasing rumors about this show since January, but now there’s confirmation that Legends of Tomorrow will be joining its mates on the CW this coming TV season. And on top of that, one of said Legends will be appearing in season finale of The Flash. (more…)

Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo
It’s time to haul out the lanyards and dust off those comfy easy walking shoes because comic convention season is officially in full swing and just this past weekend one of the premiere events in Canada celebrated a milestone. The Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo celebrated its 10th anniversary with an amazing line-up of guests and exhibitors for a record shattering 102,000 faithful fans.

First up, since many of you do not reside in the great white north, if you’ve never attended a Canadian con, you are really missing out. Just remember most of your favorite TV shows and movies are made north of the wall, and once again the Calgary Expo proved to be a fantastic place to celebrate this whole nerd/geek/pop-culture universe that we all live in and love.

What follows is a whirlwind overview of an amazing weekend. (more…)

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In the current TV climate, a spin-off combining characters from The Flash and Arrow in a new show is about as close to a sure thing as you can get. It was a few months ago that the CW first floated the possibility of another show to take place in this small screen DC Comics-universe, which if Supergirl also has tendrils to Arrow et al would make four series part of the same superhero universe on the air. This new CW series though is a bit less straightforward than tagging a new hero and creating a show around them, it’s taking parts from other shows and creating a new series. Kind of Legendary, wouldn’t you say? (more…)


It’s official: I have absolutely no idea what this new entry into the shared Flash and Arrow DC TV universe is supposed to be. Last month it was announced that the CW was producing a spin-off of the superhero series’ combining characters from both shows: Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller) and Martin Stein (Victor Garber) from The Flash, and Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh) and a character TBA (Caity Lotz) from Arrow. It wasn’t too long before Captain Cold’s cohort Heat Wave (Dominic Purcell) was added to the cast with the promise of three more characters to come who have never before been portrayed on TV before, and now we know two: Hawkgirl and Rip Hunter. (more…)

FAN EXPO – Rory and The Doctor Re-Unite!


There maybe a new man playing The Doctor now every week on Doctor Who, but the fans still have a soft spot in their hearts for the man who just left the role, Matt Smith. At Toronto Fan Expo Saturday night, Smith re-united with one of his companions, Mr. Rory Pond, Arthur Darvill, and took questions from a packed house of people who paid for a special ticket for the privilege. The result was as frantic, and funny, and insightful as any Doctor Who adventure, but it was mostly just funny. (more…)


We’re into the final stretch, Doctor Who returns with the second half of its seventh season in less than 24 hours! How have you been holding up? Did you enjoy our Doctor Who fan art compilation? What did you think of The Eleven Best Episodes From The Eleventh Doctor, Part 1? Well, we hope you liked them, we did it all for you. We’re even running a contest where you could win a Doctor Who Companion Prize Pack!

The first part of our best episodes list covered Season 5, Matt Smith‘s first season, and what I still consider to be one of the finest seasons of Doctor Who, ever. From here on out the picks for our will be pulled from Seasons 6 and 7A, which I’ll admit are a trickier bunch to choose from. It was only a matter of time before the Moffat Era of Who would begin hitting a few bumps along the way. But that’s not to suggest there aren’t some simply spectacular episodes of Doctor Who yet to come! Hit the jump for more of the Eleventh Doctor’s best episodes. Come along, Ponds!



The popularity of Doctor Who has skyrocketed since Matt Smith took over the role of the 900+ – now 1200+ – year old Time Lord, especially here in the States. When the series triumphantly returned in 2005 is was still very much a cult show with a small, yet devoted fanbase. Over the seasons the show’s audience grew. David Tennant‘s four year run as the Tenth Doctor did much to bring the series into the spotlight; ask almost any new-to-Who fan and they’ll say he was their first Doctor. Today, Doctor Who is a bonafide, mega-hit. In the last few weeks leading to this Saturday’s premiere Matt Smith and new companion Jenna-Louise Coleman have been featured on dozens of magazine covers, appeared on late night talk shows, and their faces are plastered on ads everywhere. Doctor Who is BIG.

Which is only fitting, really, as the series enters its golden anniversary, celebrating 50 years. In this, the first part of a two part list – hey, if they can split their seasons in two, why not us? – we’ll be covering the best episodes of the Eleventh Doctor. These episodes are listed chronologically, not in an order of great to greatest. Ready? Let’s dive in, GERONIMO!


From the beginning of the end, when it was announced The Doctor’s longest traveling companions – of the reboot anyhow – Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) and Rory Williams (Arthur Darvill) we’re leaving showrunner Steven Moffat promised it would be heart-breaking. And heart-breaking it was, though maybe not how we expected it to be.

Clearly, this post will contain mad, MAD SPOILERS for Doctor WhoThe Angels Take Manhattan.” Proceed with caution.

But, rule number one of Moffat-era Doctor Who is: The Moff lies. So when he told us to prepare for the worst, we over prepared. At least I know I did, so once the goodbye came I cried and was sad, but I didn’t lose my mind with grief.

As it turns out the ending could have been as terrible as our worst nightmares. Apparently, Moffat couldn’t decide just how he wanted to send off his beloved Ponds. One day the script ended tragically, the next it would be sad but hopeful. Obviously – and thankfully – he went with the more hopeful ending that had Amy and Rory zapped back in time by Weeping Angels to live out their long lives together, though without The Doctor.

Moffat shared with the Radio Times how he debated over and over just how to write their fond farewell,

So many times over those mad few days [of finishing the script], the fate of the Ponds changed. Alive, dead, alive, dead. Everything was wrong. Nothing felt right. Nothing felt inevitable.

…About four o’clock in the morning – with the gaspingly late script promised to the production team in a few hours – I remembered ‘The Eleventh Hour’… and the single moment we’ve been heading for, since the very beginning.

What did you think of the Ponds’ sendoff? Did you shed any tears? Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone. Would you have preferred one or both Amy and Rory to get the axe?

If you haven’t seen it yet BBC has a wonderful video titled, “The Last Days of the Ponds,” which, if you didn’t cry at the episode you’ll cry here.

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Losing Companions is a fact of being a Doctor Who viewer. We know it will happen. It always does, it always has. The trick to making us care is in how they leave, why they leave, and how The Doctor will go on. It’s Steven Moffat first such story as showrunner, and he chose his signature monster to bring it home. The result is one of the series’ most emotionally resonant episodes, by which I mean it made me weep uncontrollably for a good 15 minutes.


This Saturday we say goodbye to The Ponds and we’re all expecting a tearful goodbye, and the BBC won’t let us to forget it! I know I’ll be broken up when I watch Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill exit the TARDIS for the last time – however that comes to be – but even I’ll admit they really are laying it on thick with this new video. It’s a compilation of short interviews with them, Matt Smith, Caro Skinner, and Steven Moffat about the upcoming mid-season finale, “The Angels Take Manhattan.”

I wouldn’t consider any of this too spoilery, unless you’re shocked to hear The Ponds are leaving and that Moffat’s a mean man who finds pleasure in frightening and scarring young children! Okay, he’s not that malicious, but he does admit this episode was so sad it even made his son, who apparently never sheds a tear at TV, cry a little.

Really, Beeb? Did we need the slow pan of still photos coupled with the sad music?

Do you think you’ll let a few salty tears leak out when The Ponds say goodbye this weekend? Doctor Who airs this Saturday on BBC, BBC America, and Space.

Source: Blastr