Ash Vs. Evil Dead


It was almost 25 years ago the last time that Bruce Campbell fought Deadites on the big screen. For years, fans wanted a fourth Evil Dead movie in a theater near them, but in the era of Peak TV, doesn’t it make more sense to bring Campbell, and Ash Williams, back to the fold in a longer, more complex adventure on the small screen? That was how it shook out with Ash Vs Evil Dead, but being on TV meant Ash couldn’t fly solo anymore. He needed sidekicks, and one of them, Dana DeLorenzo, appeared at Fan Expo Canada Friday to thank the fans for their support and tease them about what’s coming in season two.  (more…)


Last year’s premiere of Ash Vs Evil Dead on Starz came after years of discussion about the possibility of an Evil Dead 4. The film series, which started as a nearly no-budget indie in 1981, included one sequel that was a slightly bigger budgeted remake called Evil Dead II in 1987, and then the ultimate third chapter called Army of Darkness, which was made with actually Hollywood money, in 1992. For the two decades after that though, it seemed the further adventures of Ash Williams, the series grandiose hero played by Bruce Campbell, were firmly stuck in development hell, but now, director Sam Raimi has shed some light on why, and before you ask it was more a problem with him than anything else. (more…)

Ash vs Evil Dead

The Starz series Ash Vs Evil Dead was a surprise delight in its first season, a wonderfully funny and gory continuation of The Evil Dead legend birthed by co-creator Sam Raimi in his classic independent horror 35 years ago. Still, in all our questions about Deadite slayer Ashley “Ash” Williams, played by Bruce Campbell, rarely has anyone pondered over who might have spawned such a hero. It looks like season two of Evil Dead will answer that by introducing Ash’s dad. That’s a fine casting needle the show will have to thread, but they’ve done it. After all, who else could be Ash’s father but the Six Million Dollar Man, Lee Majors?  (more…)

Top 10 Nerdy TV Shows of 2015

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Congratulations! You made it to the end of the year 2015. You’ve survived three years longer than the Mayans said that you would, and as your reward, you are treated to one Best or Worst of the Year list after the other. So welcome again to our annual compendium of the Top 10 Nerdy TV shows.

How was the year for sci-fi, fantasy, and horror fiction on TV? In a word, excellent. As you may be aware, we are living in an era of Peak TV, which makes the compilation for a list like this harder than ever seeing as how among the some 409 scripted series that premiered on the air this year, a great many of them fit our core audience. Depending on your point of view, this is either a gift from the gods, or you’re being tested by them to see how long you can go without breathing fresh air outside your home.

The top picks for this year’s best of nerdy TV include zombies (not those ones, the other ones), cannibals, speedsters, detectives, Nazis, vampires, battling artificial intelligences, and the biggest cast ever put together for a TV show in the history of ever. Shall we begin? (more…)


As Ash vs. Evil Dead continues to march on, the series continues to satisfy on almost every level.  This week’s episode, ‘The Killer of Killers’ definitely continues this trend, as the episode doled out equal parts comedy and horror throughout its 30 minutes of television. Really, fans of the original Evil Dead, this one was for you. Spoilers follow. (more…)


Back in 2003 following the successful release of Freddy Vs. Jason, producers wondered where they might next take this new shared universe next. Of course, this was before shared universes became a “thing,” so production stalled, but the most interesting proposal for a sequel was not a face off between Freddy Vs. Jason Vs. Michael Myers. No, it was Freddy Vs. Jason Vs. Ash. Ash himself, Bruce Campbell, was a strong proponent of such a fight, but he’s now fighting Deadites weekly on Starz’s Ash Vs. Evil Dead, and Campbell is looking to an old-fashioned TV crossover with none other than The Walking Dead. (more…)


The Host” marks the halfway point of the inaugural season of Ash vs. Evil Dead.  More importantly, the episode also happens to be one of the best of the season, if not the best episode period.  While previous episodes in the series have done their best to balance the humor with the horror, which has seemed a bit lopsided on the humor side, “The Host”, by comparison, reminds viewers that for all of Ash’s one-liners, Evil Dead is still a horror property.  Spoilers follow. (more…)

After a more than successful return to the world of Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead, fans of the film series have been riding high all week in anticipation of the second episode of the Starz original series, Ash vs. Evil Dead.  The almost perfect pilot definitely set the bar, and audiences expectations, high but the problem with highly successful pilots is that it makes it tough for the series showrunners to continue that type of momentum throughout the series, often leaving viewers dissatisfied by the time the series wraps up.  Luckily, for those same fans that waited years for the return of Bruce Campbell’s Ash Williams, it appears that Sam Raimi has absolutely no intention of slowing down, and the second episode of the new series was just as great as the first.  Spoilers follow. (more…)


Back in 1981, writer/director Sam Raimi gave audiences one of the most memorable horror films ever made: The Evil Dead.  Filmed on a shoestring budget, The Evil Dead used a bit of silliness as a counterpoint to the gruesome horror being depicted on screen.  Seriously, if the movie wasn’t at least a bit silly, that famous tree scene could have taken things to an even darker place and the film may not have become the cult classic it remains to be over 30 years later.  After an unsuccessful attempt to resurrect the franchise with the 2013 reboot/remake/sequel by the same name, long time fans wondered if they would ever see their favorite Deadite slayer, Ash (Bruce Campbell in a role for which he may have been created by the Gods specifically to play), back on the screen.  After all, the last time audiences saw the hero and his boomstick was back in 1992’s Army of Darkness and while both Campbell and Raimi had been promising a follow up to the film, nothing has ever come of the rumors. Until last night. Starz premiered their highly anticipated Ash vs. The Evil Dead on Halloween night and for Evil Dead fans all over the country, it was a night to cheer.  Was the return worth the wait? You’re goddamn right it was.  Spoilers ahead. (more…)