Last Saturday’s episode of the hit sci fi fantasy ‘Doctor Who’ dealt with dying and where we go after. It was the first part of a double climax that has been teased for several months. Throwaway characters have been dying all season and finding themselves in “heaven,” greeted by a mysterious woman named Missy. Her existence and actual location have been highly speculated on since. It’s truly the culmination of a storyline that had to have been written well before every other episode. That is literally “Writing 101;” know your ending first. However, the themes of death and beyond didn’t go over well with many viewers who felt the show’s reveals inappropriate. That sort of thing you can never know in advance. Hit the jump to continue if you don’t mind SPOILERS about the episode ‘Dark Water.’ (more…)

Sweep the Leg: An Ode to ’80s Douchebags


Movies in the 1980s saw more assholes than a proctologist convention. Seems like almost every movie released that decade had at least one character who was a complete douchecanoe and caused trouble for our heroes. And it seems like 90 percent of them were played by Billy Zabka, who is actually a nice guy in real life.

You don’t have to have been a child of the 80s to appreciate these chumpstains. Asshattery transcends the ages. But how well-versed are you in 80s bullies? The Huffington Post has created a montage of those very guys. How many do you remember?

And how was this video not sponsored by Summer’s Eve?

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fagsSo for the past few years you guys have been living it big. Guitar Hero was successful enough to garner a sequel, good for you. This shit was so popular that Guitar Hero got picked up by a much larger company. Then came another sequel… and another… and another. You even made games based on bands, that’s really cool too. You brought awareness to rock music, again, that is also commendable. Harmonix, Boston based creators of Guitar Hero, decided to be cool and came out with Rock Band. Sweet. Some bands even got somewhat famous due to being included in these games. Hell, that itself is the best thing about all of this. But honestly, as a long time gamer and a pseudo-credible musician, this shit really irritates me now and all of this non-sense should really chill out for a bit. Read on and I will explain why, I think these games are bogus.  (more…)