Astro Boy

‘Astro Boy’ To Get Live Action Treatment


It’s not like I have to tell you this, but comic book movies have been all the rage lately, and studio shave been churning out every comic property they can find that comes with its own built in name recognition. However, now that Deadpool is breaking records, studios seem to be taking notice that audiences are in the mood for something different to go with their popcorn, but after the dismal box office of The Wachowski’s Speed Racer, Hollywood has been reluctant to delve into the world of Manga, that is, until now.

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There’s a ton of projects out there that I’d greenlight before a live action Astro Boy movie. One is Thundercats. But then Snarf would be in it and ruin everything. Another is He-Man done right. Dammit, we’d have to deal with Orko then, huh? Okay, what’s a cool, totally innocuous choice for movie-time USA? Maybe Astro Boy is a good idea after all. Hold on! ‘Battle Of The Planets’ is better than that! Huh? Japan’s on it already? Gatchaman what? Okay then whatever, give me Astro Boy – but you’d better make it ROCK! (more…)

51O9M7WT6vL._SL500_AA300_After a week hiatus, its another Tuesday and we got DVDs coming out as usual. Now if you don’t how this works its pretty much your one stop place to come and see if you should do the following with the newly released DVD: Buy, Rent, or Pass. Yeah, it may not be original but what isn’t on the internet, we just hope we be the site you come and read for your DVD info or else we all here will cry…well, I’ll cry if that matters. Anyways, check after the break to see whats coming (heh, coming) out. (more…)

Latest Astro Boy Trailer Reveals Butt Guns


The many bits and pieces inside Astro Boy’s deadly body are revealed in this new trailer — including machine guns located in his hindquarters. Plus, the rest of the cast and a garbage can/robot pup make their debut.

Astro Boy the movie about a robot boy who’s rejected by his maker (Nic Cage) then turns tiny superhero, will open in theaters on October 23rd.