At World’s End


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This week on The Bastardcast, Megan Fox bounces on a trampoline, Jeremy and Jason advance the theory that Jurassic Park 4‘s delay was caused by a raptor attack, and then they talk about your Mom when discussing the latest Dungeons and Dragons movie.

Also on the show: Rubber cocks replace carrier pigeons, Marvel bets on black (and also the awesome power of Danny Rand’s V-neck), the IT Crowd tries to turn itself back on again (I’m sorry), and the boys discuss why the term “shot for shot remake” might not be the best choice of words when discussing the new Crow movie.

Do you require more giggle flakes in your bowl? Fine. We’ve also got an ALL NEW Trailergasm, and this time, our two fat assholes are talking about casting Sandra Bullock out into the dark nethers of space, one last lick of cornetto, and a boy named Ender that they don’t care about.

Holy crap this is a full show!… is a thing that you could accurately put in that iTunes review that you’ve been meaning to write, because we’ve also got the (brief) return of Taco Talk 2-Nite in “Taco Talk 2-Nite 2: Taquería Exotica”, and Jason teaches us all a little something about love.

All of that, the Handicapped Cadillac Trumpet Detective, and more on this week’s episode of The Bastardcast!


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I’m eagerly awaiting the conclusion of Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, and Nick Frost‘s Bloody Ice Cream, Three Flavors Cornetto Trilogy and I have assume you are, too. If not, well, our friendship is going to be rocky at best. Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and I hope to include At World’s End in the future, are simply too important to me. These are movies I can watching any day, any time, in any kind of mood and will always laugh my ass, be thrilled, and come away valuing my friends and loved ones a little more.

All that being said, no pressure living up to the first two flicks, At World’s End. I’m sure you’ll be fine. Hell, you might even be better and the trilogy will go out with bang rather than a whimper. Kind of how I’m hoping the world ends in At World’s End.

Speaking with Empire magazine, which feature an exclusive look at At World’s End in their latest issue, Pegg implies bigger challenges for the characters, saying, “It’s a much bigger proposition than the other two films.” You can see Pegg below, our hero who initiates the pub crawl to end all pub crawls, seeming to face whatever is this bigger proposition. Above, sharing a pint are, left to right,

Bluetoothed estate agent Oliver (Martin Freeman), one-time-rocker-turned-architectural-consultant Steven (Paddy Considine), successful lawyer and King’s now-estranged bestie Andy (Nick Frost) and car dealer Peter (Eddie Marsan).

Click either image to embiggen.


Their epic crawl consists of 12 pubs ending with, you guessed, At World’s End. “When you’ve seen the film, you’ll be able to relate each pub name to what happens inside,” Pegg adds. With two of those pub names being the Two-Headed Dog and The Beehive, I cringe imagining what will befall them in those establishments.

At World’s End releases August 14th, which is much farther away than I like to think about.

UPDATE! A third image of Pegg has been released, check it out!