It’s was a heartening thing being at Fan Expo Canada in Toronto last weekend and not only observing the large “Cosplay is no Consent” signs near the main convention hall, but seeing shutterbugs by and large abide by said sign and asking permission before taking a picture. (Myself included.) Evidently, some of us still need to be taught a lesson. The Atlanta police are rallying the fan community in a “calling all cars moment” as they seek out a suspect that sexually assault a Dragon Con attendee this past Saturday night. There’s a $2,000 reward out for information that leads to the arrest of the suspect, but for fans it’s seems there’s something more at stake: principle. (more…)

Filming is currently underway for the second season of AMC’s hit zombie show and, damn, things are sure looking hot! No, not like ¬†an unexpected Rick, Lori, Andrea three-way, I don’t think they’d veer quite so far from the comics, but more like it’s been over 90 degrees with a very high humidity every day. The whole cast looks fuckin’ miserable and I don’t think it’s due to zombies.

The Walking Dead won’t return until October (UGH! The wait is agonizing!) but here we have some still shots featuring our group of survivors struggling through highway wreckage, check ’em out in the gallery below. Also included is a larger version of the awesome season two promotional poster you see above. Honestly, does anyone’s zombies looks as freaky awesome as The Walking Dead‘s? They really have some incredibly talented costume and make-up people.

source: GeekWeek