Disney Ups Its Bid for FOX. Will Comcast Fold?

FOX has accepted a $71.3 billion bid from Disney, which tops Comcast’s previous offer of $65 billion.   Disney went all in to ensure Comcast didn’t steal FOX’s assets out from under them, including Marvel assets like The X-Men and Fantastic Four.

That easily trumps Comcast’s all-cash offer made on June 13th. The new Disney-FOX deal is reportedly worth $38 per share in cash and stock.


ATT/TW Merger Approved: FOX Watch Begins…

It was in October of 2016 that a report surfaced that AT&T was attempting to acquire Time Warner.  The deal would give AT&T significant holdings in the media industry.  The following February Time Warner shareholders approved the merger.  This was quickly followed by FCC Chairman Ajit Pai refusing to review the deal.  That left it in the hands of the Justice Department.  Every other country involved has since approved the merger.  It was only the U.S. that kept it from being final.

President Trump’s Justice Department filed an anti-trust lawsuit last year in November.  That pushed the merger deadline till the 21st of this month.  Today a judge stepped into the fray and approved the merger.


iPhone 4 Fiasco: In Chinese CG Form


Bill Gate and Steve Jobs in a lightsaber fight? Gizmodo journalist being forced choked? Jobs slicing customer’s fingers off? I don’t know what kind of tea the Chinese are drinking but gimme some of it. If ya haven’t seen any of the Chinese CG videos on the internet, then your in a treat with this being possibly the best one yet. Basically, some news station over in China makes a CG short to explain some situation that have recently happened in order to educate and entertain the audience. Whether you like the iPhone or hate it, this video is sure to make you chuckle.

Source: Geekologie

Droid vs iPhone


Before you’re allowed to get to the actual article, I want to preface by saying I’m an unbiased party in the way that I own a Droid but am also an Apple fan, having an iPod Touch and a Macbook Pro, so I’m for both sides.  Okay, read on…