This new clip from J.J. Abrams’ hotly anticipated Star Trek sequel: Star Trek: Into Darkness (via Apple) shows Chris Pine’s Captain James T. Kirk facing off with Benedict Cumberbatch’s superlatively creepy John Harrison while the latter is being held in what I can only assume is the Enterprise‘s brig (the exchange feels more than a little like the convo between Loki and Black Widow while the former was imprisoned in The Avengers…but that could just be me).

Pine is appropriately righteous and indignant, while Cumberbatch is just plain eerie…If this is what we can expect from Into Darkness, it might well surpass its predecessor:

And there’s more!

Charitybuzz is auctioning off a four-pack of VIP tickets to attend the Star Trek: Into Darkness premiere in Los Angeles, the proceeds going towards The Mission Continues: A charity that works with post-9/11 veterans. Paramount and Bad Robot are putting up $25 Grand to match the winning bid.

The winners will walk the red carpet, meet director J.J. Abrams and the cast, and attend the premiere after-party.

Sounds like it could be fun 🙂

And EVEN more!

IMAX is beginning a new promotion called IMAX FANFIX: They’re offering this original poster by artist Mark Englert to fans who show up to their 8pm show on Wednesday, May 15th at participating locations.


Source: Collider




‘Lost’ Props Headed To Auction


Fan of ABC’s ‘Lost’? Of course you are. Now, what ‘Lost’fan hasn’t fantasised about wheeling around in Locke’s wheelchair, drinking Dharma beers while weilding Mr. Ecos jesus stick? Honestly, who?

Well, to all you losties out there have we got good news for you. At some point this summer, Profiles in History (leading dealer of Hollywood props and memorabilia) will be putting up for auction over 100 props from ‘Lost’. Such as Locke’s hunting knife, Hurley’s lottery ticket, Charlies’s “DS” ring, Dharma beer, fish biscuits.  Only thing missing is the dart-o-plotlines (zing).

At the moment, all these items are available for preview. There will be a live auction, most likely in L.A. but at this time no date has been set.

Hop on over to Profiles in History for more info.