There’s been a lot of news lately about the possibility of a second Mallrats movie. Back in 1995, Mallrats was the highly anticipated follow-up to Kevin Smith‘s big break, Clerks, but it ended up bombing. Horribly. It remained a black mark on Smith’s IMDb profile for some time, and then Cop Out was released. Kidding aside though, the film has been received more warmly by fans in the last 20 years, which undoubtedly helps Smith make a case for Mallrats 2. But that’s still about two years away at least, so what are Mallrats fans to do in the meantime. How about a reunion of some of the cast for a car commercial? No, I’m not drunk. (more…)

What Not to Drive to Your Vampire Party

Audi’s Superbowl commercial was released onto the Internet today and it┬ásucked all the comedic blood out of the Honda Ferris commercial until it was a sad dry husk of a Superbowl commercial. This one is gonna be hard to beat in this NerdBastards opinion. Mainly because these guys didn’t sparkle in the Audi headlights.

Thank you Audi marketing bloodsuckers . . .

Thank you.