Ok, before I get into this, I’d like it clear that I have seen NO verification that what you are about to read is legitimate. All I know is that these pages were originally sent to Bleeding Cool, but who sent them, and what their original source is, I do not know, and was not discussed.

Anyhoo, what we seem to have here is an excerpt from an audition script apparently being used to cast what may be two of Episode VII‘s young leads.


Click for the full-sized image, and behold the wonder that is an upcoming reality show to find the “most ingenious nerd”!

If you feel that you have the extreme nerdiness and the shamelessness necessary to be a part of this show… I encourage you to audition! As cheap as the advertisement looks, apparently this shit is being run by the bigwigs for Mythbusters, Survivor, and Amazing Race so it appears to be legit. AND it’ll be hosted by the dudes from Revenge of the Nerds, Robert Carradine and Curtis Armstrong.

So, seriously, if you’re up for a chance to win big bucks or at least to be on TV… go and audition! And make sure to tell ’em that Nerd Bastards sent ya.

Source: Blastr