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By the time Avatar 2 comes out (2020) it will have been 11 years since the release of the first film from 2009.  Will such a big gap between the movies effect the franchise future success? If you ask director Jame Cameron, not at all.

Cameron recently spoke with CNN in honor of Disney World’s Pandora: The World of Avatar expansion. He was asked about what is taking so long with the Avatar sequels, of which there are four, and if he is at all worried about time working against him. As confident as anyone wielding a multi-billion dollar franchise can be, he’s isn’t showing much concern at all. Here’s what he had to say about it: (more…)


Somewhere, James Cameron is presently working on the classified technology that will allow him to bring to life the top secret storyline of the ever expanding series of Avatar sequels. Avatar the first remains the worldwide box office champion despite the best efforts of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but while there are no less than four Star Wars movies presently on the release calendar, the long-awaited Avatar sequels remain unscheduled and in release date limbo. Or are they? In its most recent round of release date roulette, Twentieth Century Fox seems to be staking out ground for Avatar 2 and other future franchise movies.  (more…)


Saddle up your Toraks and tie up your reproductive ponytails, the biggest movie of all time is coming back…eventually. Yes, the next installments in the Avatar franchise have been in development for quite some time. Director James Cameron clearly wants them to be perfect, which might be why the sequels have faced more delays than the Dark Crystal sequel. While the plots of the new Avatar movies are still under wraps, James Cameron himself may have finally given us some insight on what they will be about.


‘Avatar 2’ Delayed Until 2018 At The Earliest


A couple of days ago we speculated on whether or not the release date of December 25 2017 for Avatar 2 would be kept after Star Wars: Episode VIII got bumped to the 17th of the same month. Wonder no more. Avatar 2 is now delayed again, until at least sometime in 2018. But don’t go thinking James Cameron is running scared from Kylo Ren and the First Order. (more…)


It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that with all the hub-bub about Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and how it opened on the same day six years after Avatar, and how it looks primed to beat the nearly $3 billion made by Avatar, that the time was right for a James Cameron reappearance. On cue, the so-called “King of the World” decided to take this opportunity to update us all on his own sci-fi franchise, the long, long-awaited sequels to Avatar. Despite the universal quiet lately on all things Avatar, Cameron has said that he’s, like, *this* close to staring the movies, and that they’re still on target for a release date two year hence. (more…)


For fans excited for the release of three (yes, three!) Avatar sequels in the coming years, writer/director/producer James Cameron has opened up about a few details of the upcoming films.  He gave an interview with Entertainment Weekly announcing that he wants to prove the first film, which is still the highest grossing film of all time, wasn’t a fluke.  That’s not a small order to fill, and the creator of Pandora obviously has reason to be nervous.  But where does the process currently stand?  And how soon can we expect to be immersed in that gorgeous alien world that stole our hearts almost exactly six years ago? (more…)

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James Cameron has made it a point to let people know that he’s going to do at least two Avatar sequels sometime in the future.  No doubt, if the money is there he’ll keep making them until his viewing audience is completely broke (or their brains have shut down).  Unfortunately, the first one, while it was a masterpiece of CGI spectacle, had little in the way of script, the only original ideas being in the visuals.  So how can more Avatar possibly be anything other than more of the same?  Well, it looks like Cameron is bringing in some more talent to help him put together the new stories.

Writer Josh Friedman is joining the writing pool.  In case you didn’t know, he’s the guy that created The Sarah Connor Chronicles.  And while I regret to say I missed that one, I’ve heard enough good things about the show to have some faith in Friedman.

But does that mean there may be some hope for the new Avatar flicks?  With Cameron in charge, we still might end up with the mindless light-show that was the first Avatar, but we can always have hope, right?

Expect to see the next Avatar in theaters…. well, whenever Cameron gets around to it, I guess.


Thanks to /film for the heads-up.

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There may not be many of you out there, but considering the success of the first Avatar movie there must be at least a few people who are looking forward to James Cameron’s promised sequels.  Though the first was, in my humble opinion, a shallow pile of crap with little plot, a terrible script, mediocre acting and action scenes that were about as cliché as they come, it did make tons of cash.  And Cameron has some sort of hard-on for making more, so they will be coming.  But how’s the schedule going with that, you ask?  Check out what Avatar and Star Trek alumni Zoe Saldana had to say about it below.

In an interview with MTV, Zoe had some things to say about director James Cameron and how his progress is going:

I know that he’s sort of been removing himself from things that might distract him so that he can focus on doing the final tweaks on the scripts. He did share that he’s in a very interesting and fragile place, because the story is dictating itself.
You walk a fine line when you’re the creator of the story you’re going to tell, of the manipulation that you may have unconsciously of the story and the characters versus allowing the story to unfold it, because you did create such a monumental and solid platform that they’re just living and breathing organisms and they’re the ones that need to make their own decisions. I’m geek talking right now, but that’s how intense it affects me and how I feel about amazing storytellers like James Cameron, like J.J. Abrams. They create things that are real out of unimaginable scenarios, and that is beautiful to me.

That was an amazingly insightful response from Saldana, especially considering the not-insightful nature of Avatar.  Thumbs up to you Zoe and may your future hold projects more worthy of your brains and talent.

Currently, Avatar 2 and 3 are scheduled to begin shooting sometime early next year and the first sequel has a tentative release date of late 2014.


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According to a star of one film, and a producer of the other, the two most highly anticipated sequels since….well, ever probably, will begin filming almost simultaneously.

Both sequels are scheduled to begin production early in 2014, the Avatar 2 news was reported by Zoe Saldana, who plays Neytiri in the James Cameron franchise. She has also confirmed something long assumed regarding the Avatar sequels: As expected, Parts 2 and 3 will be filmed back to back. She mentioned this on The Johnathan Ross Show in the UK (according to Digital Spy), and had this to say about why the sequels will be produced consecutively:

I think that they’re doing a part two and a part three and they’re probably going to shoot it at the same time. Because if we just do two and then wait, I’ll probably be 45 or 50 by the time we get to part three. It takes a long time, it’s a very hard process.

Bryan Burk, long-time producer for J.J. Abrams and co-founder of Bad Robot (as well as producer on Star Wars: Episode VII, naturally) revealed the rough, tentative shooting schedule for SW7 in an interview with Collider:

We’re progressing on a schedule to hopefully begin next year, or the beginning of next year, and the location is still kind of floating around in the air all depending on script and a whole bunch of other issues.  As I just said, everything is kind of a free-flowing thing, and when we feel like the story level on this script and everything is really coming together and schedules are all working and pieces line up, we prowl ahead, and Star Wars will be no different.

If these assertions prove accurate, then we can indeed expect a May 2015 release for Episode VII. Avatar 2, being more CGI-heavy, will probably take longer – estimates put its release at Christmas of 2015.

Source: /Film

It’s been three years since “Dances With Blue Cat People”, a.k.a. Avatar. When the hell is James Cameron getting around to those supposed sequels? The avatards (me NOT included) are getting restless!

Well, actually, Cameron has been working on the scripts for the sequels ever since the first film became the highest grossing movie of all time. So he’s been sweating blue for a while.

Avatar producer Jon Landau had projected a 2015 release for the first of 2 sequels. Turns out, we’re getting Avatar 2: Electric Boogablue a year early.

While at the premiere for The Hobbit: An Unexpected  Journey, Cameron revealed to The West Australian that he plans on finishing his scripts by February next year, and production would commence at the end of 2013.

“I  want to get these scripts nailed down, I don’t want to be writing the movie in  post production,” Cameron said. “We kind of did that on the first  picture, I ended up cutting out a lot of scenes and so on and I don’t want to do  that again.” said Cameron.

If that wasn’t enough, the director/producer/undersea adventurer revealed his pursuit to jump on the Peter Jackson bandwagon… he plans to shoot the sequels at the new 48 frames per second format. Provided The Hobbit does well at the box office, of course.

So… film will look slightly more realistic. Well, that’s great. I can only hope he puts as much effort into the plot.

Source: The West Australian