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Although Disney is the home court for Marvel properties, there are certain exclusions to the game.  Fox has dibs on the X-men characters, thus the recent home run for the studio with Deadpool, and Sony still has partial ownership of Spider-man and characters associated with his comic.  It was assumed that the shared rights might kill any new movies in the Spider-man franchise, but it seems that may not be the case!  Sure, Sony killed the Amazing Spider-man 3 reboot that was planned with then web-slinger, Andrew Garfield, but they’ve announced a new untitled reboot set to appear in theaters sometime next year.  And with that under their belt, the powers that be have their eyes on another project, a certain villain turned anti-hero known as Venom.


While Lionsgate might be trying to figure out how to do more Hunger Games after the final chapter hits theaters in November later this year, it doesn’t mean they’re not looking for the next Hunger Games franchise to cash in on. Word is that Lionsgate is looking to take everyone to the Borderlands. That’s right, Lionsgate is taking the video game to movie plunge with game developer Gearbox‘s Borderlands video game franchise. (more…)

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To say that Sony has been having a bit of a bad spell as of late would be a complete understatement. It seems like things are going from bad to worse for the company; with constant news hitting the headlines from the Sony Hacks debacle – with the studio eventually caving in to the hackers; admitting defeat by pulling Seth Rogan and James Franco‘s comedy The Interview from theatres nationwide. One interesting aspect of the hacks has been the ongoing leaks of ‘back-and-forth’ conversations/negotiations between Marvel and Sony that have been progressively hinting at some kind of eventual conclusion – and due to the relentlessness of Marvel director Kevin Feige – this has only made it all the more inevitable (he’s gained somewhat of a reputation as being a slightly formidable character). Thusly, it seems that the struggling company are willing to give up some of the proverbially fiscal Spider-Man pie, and it seems that Marvel is feeling rather sweet-toothed this time round: and we are saying to  executives, dig in and enjoy the party. (more…)


If you don’t know the name Avi Arad, I’m sure then that you know the name Spider-Man. Well, Arad is the man that’s been producer of every live-action Spider-Man movie made from the good to excellent films by Sam Raimi through to the subpar Spider-Man 3 and on through the flaccid one-two punch of The Amazing Spider-Man 1 and 2. So let’s split hairs and say that Arad’s batting average at franchise management is .500, and then ask this question: Is Avi Arad the kind of man you want involved in making a new Super Mario Bros. movie? If you answered no, then good news, it seems that Arad has convinced the fine folks at Nintendo into letting him have the movie rights to the game. (more…)


We both know that a man can’t swing from building to building with the power of spider-webs and his acquired radioactive spider skills, but the wizardry at play on the big screen can trick the mind for a few moments and suddenly we are 10 and anything is possible. Sadly, those moments pass quickly. The lights come up and our feet are stuck to the floor of a theater that time forgot and you’re waiting to merge into a sea of people that are trudging up a slight incline toward their sub-compact cars and the next item on their To-Do list.

If you strip the thing down to its barest truths, you just completed a financial transaction. Movies are magical but that magic is either fleeting or hollow, depending on your view. One thing is for sure, though, they sure are big business.


Stan Lee and Avi Arad Team Up to Make a Movie


Stan Lee has become the magical roaming gnome of the comic con circuit, signing baubles and buckling knees with a smile and an oft-repeated utterance of “Excelsior”. It’s surprising that this man is as old as he is and that I am too lazy to Google his age for this article, but he is, and I am, and when he holds court during these panels, taking questions from fans that inevitably dance between the good old days at Marvel and the current state of their film slate, Lee leans heavily on a set of answers that will feel familiar to someone who has seen these shows before, and breathtaking to someone who has not.  (more…)


Last week Felicity Jones made mention of the Green Goblin appearing in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 when she said she was playing the, “Goblin’s girlfriend.” Not an enviable title, I’ll admit, but she was likely referring to a possible relationship her character has with Harry Osborn (Dane Dehaan), who we all know – at least I hope you do, otherwise SPOILER – eventually becomes the Green Goblin.

But this is all news to producer, Avid Arad. At San Diego Comic Con, I Am Rogue grabbed Arad for an interview and asked if there’s any truth to these rumors of the Green Goblin showing up in The Amazing Spider-Man sequel. Here’s what he had to say on the matter,

I think at this point, at this movie, we are not addressing it yet. She meets some of the players because she works for Oscorp and there’s no — I think she likes Harry, I think she cares for him, I think Harry is interested in models. I think whatever was in print out there really doesn’t represent what you’ll see in the movie or what you’ll see sometime in the future.

Soo… no Green Goblin. And no Green Goblin, ever? Seems that way. Was Jones jumping to the same conclusion many of us have that the inclusion of Harry Osborn automatically means he becomes the Green Goblin? Possibly, or she’s just confused about what’s really happening in this movie. Maybe she should read through that script one more time.

OR, Arad is trying to cover her slip-up and the appearance of the Green Goblin was supposed to be a big ‘ole secret? I mean, it’d make sense for him to show up at some point, what with Gwen Stacy being in this franchise and all.

You can check out video of the interview below the cut, but what do you Bastards think? Confused actress or top-secret cover-up?

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Avi Arad is a name that most do not know, but he’s got his arms elbow-deep in many a geek-related project.  He’s acted as producer on films such as Amazing Spider-Man, X-Men, Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk.  With this history of being involved in the superhero genre, it’s only natural that he’d want to branch out and explore similar themes in other cultures.  Having an interest in Chinese mythology and history, he’s decided that east is the proper direction to steer his career.

Joining Arad in his pursuit will be Chinese producer Bruno Wu.  Together, they’ll be putting together a series of superhero-themed projects based on Chinese lore.  These will range from film to animation and be accompanied by the requisite amount of merchandising.  The first of these is a film project by the name of Rise of the Terracotta Warriors.  It will explore the myths surrounding China’s famous terracotta army and how it was created to protect China’s first Emperor, Qin, during his afterlife.

Being as how China has a massive population of people, it’s quite a market for new movies.  Between the native audience base and the hordes of Western viewers who will no doubt be intrigued by these relatively unknown stories and myth, Arad has all the makings of a big-money franchise.

Personally, I’m a huge Chinese history buff and would love to see what Arad and Wu can bring to the table.  If done right, we could see some spectacular films coming at us in the near future.


Thanks to CinemaBlend for the heads-up.

Yet another video game movie is making its way slowly through the production process.  This time around, Metal Gear Solid, which has been in the works for some time.  Avi Arad (of X-Men and Spider-Man fame) is set to produce the new film and Hideo Kojima, the brains behind the massive franchise, will be acting in a supervisory role.

Talking recently at the Eurogamer Expo in London, Kojima had a few things to say about the upcoming project.  He stated that Solid Snake will indeed be the protagonist for the film.  He also mentioned that he’s changed his mind a bit on who he’d like to see filling that role.  At first Kojima wanted Hugh Jackman on the roster, but has since reconsidered.

If I talk to much about this Avi might get mad at me, but after thinking about it more, it’s probably better to go for someone new, a rising star, someone who hasn’t been typecast before as a particular kind of character, so that’s the route we’re going right now.  Avi is very good at finding these people, and I think we can find someone who can make it big and have Solid Snake be their break into the movie industry.

So it looks like they’ll be fishing for fresh faces.  You got a mug that looks like the Snake?   Get yer ass on the audition list, if you dare!

So what do the Nerdreaders think?  MGS movie – good or bad?  Get someone solid for Snake (badda bing) or bring in an unknown and hope the world loves them?


Thanks to ign for the heads-up on this one.

It’s seemed like a long time since we’ve heard anything substantive about a Metal Gear Solid movie. But progress is being made my friends! And it seems that that’s thanks to a man who knows what’s it like to get impossible film projects off the ground and out of development hell.

MGS creator Hideo Kojima confirmed that the project was in the works during a Metal Gear anniversary event in Tokyo. Apparently, there were banners everywhere that read “Metal Gear Solid Hollywood Movie” and they had the Columbia Pictures logo on it. Kojima also announced that former CEO of Marvel Studios Avi Arad will be producing the project.

Arad related the effort to bring an MGS film to the big screen with his previous efforts getting movies based on Marvel characters made adding that, ”video games are the comic books of today.” Arad went on to say that they “will take our time and tell the story with all the nuances, ideology, cautionary tales needed.”

Metal Gear Solid was created for Playstation in 1998 and between the original game and its various sequels has sold over 20 million copies. The game follows Solid Snake, a retired soldier who infiltrates a nuclear weapons disposal facility to neutralize the terrorist threat from FOXHOUND, a renegade special forces unit.

Arad was remained active on Marvel films since leaving the studio in the hands of Kevin Feige, his last two Marvel projects were the hit Amazing Spider-Man and the flop Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. He’s also a producer on the Mass Effect movie, and the Uncharted and Pac-Man adaptations.

No word yet on a director for the project, but Kojima has already eliminated one potential directorial choice: Uwe Boll. “It’s impossible we’d ever do a movie with him,” he said. Bonus.

More news as it develops.

Source: /Film